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Kenya is a state in East Africa and borders Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Indian Ocean, among others. The country belongs to the 'Horn of Africa'. The country is 14 times the size of the Netherlands and has many lakes and rivers. The capital is Nairobi, other major cities are Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru. The main export products are still coffee and tea, in this tropical country with a particularly pleasant climate. Many travelers still overlook this country as a travel destination. A shame, because there is plenty to do here!

Cities in Kenya

Capital Nairobi is a busy city and both political and economic center of the country. Be sure to visit the beautiful National Museum here. Mombasa is probably more popular due to its relaxed beaches and pleasant atmosphere. Cozy markets and a blazing sun on the beach, what more could you want! Off the coast there are beautiful diving spots with coral reefs. Nakuru, the fourth largest city in the country, is also well worth a trip. From this city you can make excellent trips to the nearby Lake Nakuru National Park.

the Maasai

The Masai are an ancient tribe that still inhabits Kenya. The Masai Mara Park is a good meeting place for both the Masai and the many wild animals that migrate between the Serengeti Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara. The Masai are always and everywhere recognizable by their brightly colored clothes and inseparable spear. Be sure to visit Amboseli Park with elephants, cheetahs and lions and Mount Kenya National Park. Here you will find the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya (5199 m).

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“After working from home for months between the same four walls, I decided to pack my laptop and get on the plane. Where to? To Kenya! Working for a month in a new environment, and what kind of...

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