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Africa for beginners, someone once said about Malawi. And actually he was right. It is well organized, friendly, easily accessible, many people speak English, and it has a wonderful climate. Although Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, that shouldn't stop you from traveling to this well-hidden country in southeastern Africa. The country has about the same number of inhabitants as the Netherlands and has Lake Malawi as its central point. Unlike some other countries on this continent, Malawi is a country with a very calm political climate. Add to that the impressive environment, weathered jungle and beautiful coastline of Lake Malawi and you have an unexpected top destination in your pocket!

Africa with a smile

The capital is Lilongwe, a fast-growing place in the middle of the country. Other important towns are Blantyre and Zomba. Of course you will see a lot of poverty, yet you will be surprised how positive the people of Malawi have a positive attitude to life. An experience in itself! Many travelers who have been here indicate that the very friendly attitude of the inhabitants has made an unforgettable impression.

The wildlife of Malawi

The nature reserves in Malawi are also reasons to book a ticket directly. Lake Malawi is a beautiful freshwater lake with golden beaches and great spots for diving and snorkeling. The many bays and small coastal towns are excellent places to recover from the heat. Another important attraction is Mulanje, an imposing mountain range in South Malawi. Don't be fooled by the rough rock and take a hike that leads you to panoramic views.

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