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Mozambique | Hidden Gem in Africa

II guess Mozambique is missing from many a wish list as a travel destination. And whether that is a pity….? Maybe not. Because that's why Mozambique still one of the hidden gems on our planet. Ever by Portugal taken into custody and on his own feet since 1975. Fortunately, the times of struggle, war and chaos are behind us, present-day Mozambique is firmly in its shoes. Rightly so! Mozambique is full of natural treasures and exciting outdoor adventures. With a coastline of no less than 2.655 kilometers, Mozambique has beautiful beaches and cool diving spots. Inland are the nature parks where you can wander for hours, looking for the special inhabitants. Time to travel to the African east coast to discover the pearl called Mozambique.

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Capital Maputo

Mozambique, Maputo
Mozambique, Maputo

At the very south of Mozambique, close to the South African border, is the capital Maputo. The city was once completely in ruins, but has now been completely rebuilt. And how! A busy nightlife with festive bars every evening, lively markets with fresh fish and tasty fruit and excellent restaurants on the waterfront. The Maputo Bay sparkles at sunrise and sunset, a spectacle that you can enjoy every day. Just off the coast of Maputo is the island of Inhaca, a wonderful place for divers to discover the sweltering underwater life. And south of Maputo is the Elephant Reserve Park, which in addition to elephants is inhabited by leopards, antelopes, jackals and crocodiles.

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Mozambique, Pemba
Mozambique, Pemba

Pemba is located in the far north of Mozambique. This is where the famous coastline of almost 3.000 kilometers begins. The beaches of Pemba are not inferior to those of, for example, Zanzibar. Along the beach, the Indian Ocean laps enticingly against the pristine coast. It is not without reason that Pemba is a true mecca for divers and snorkelers. Close to Pemba is also the Quirimbas Archipelago, where 32 coral islands form the basis for a stunning underwater life. Exotic fish and colored coral sparkle meters below sea level. Guitar sharks, whale sharks and manta rays swim silently around you. This archipelago is without a doubt one of the highlights of Mozambique.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto, Mozambique
Bazaruto, Mozambique

We go from one archipelago to another. The Bazaruto Archipelago and the Marine National Park of the same name consist of six islands, namely Bazaruto, Benguerra, Banque, Shell, Santa Carolina and Margaruque. Each island is special with its sparkling sand and pure environment. Especially special is the coral reef Two Mile Reef. This reef stands as a colorful underwater wall between the Indian Ocean and the archipelago, protecting the fragile marine life in the lagoon. What also makes the islands very pleasant is that few tourists seem to have found these beauties yet. So no mass tourism, but an untouched paradise in Africa. Diving and snorkelling are of course highly recommended here. Or go on an adventure and try to spot the whale sharks. In addition to a thriving life under water, the birds here are also unprecedented in their kind and quantity. Enjoy the Pearl of the Indian Ocean!

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Ilha de Mocambique


See a completely different side of Mozambique when you visit the island of Ilha de Mocambique. Arabic, Indian, European and African. Those are the flavors you taste here. The Portuguese You can see the grandeur of the past here in fragments in the old ruins and churches. But mosques, Hindu temples and 'Macúti residences' also shine on every street corner. Ilha de Mozambique, or Mozambique Island, is connected to the mainland by a three kilometer bridge. It is busy on the island, locals of very diverse origins live side by side here. Inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1991, the island is bubbling with an abundance of cultural, historical and religious diversity.

Limpopo National Park

Limpopo, Mozambique
Limpopo, Mozambique

You are in Africa so of course you want to discover and experience the wild natural life. The perfect way to do that in Limpopo National Park is with a 4×4. Canoe trips and walking safaris are also excellent options for diving into untouched African nature. If you're really lucky, you'll spot The Big Five! Yes: buffalo, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses and elephants roam through this beautiful park. Savannahs, dense forests, granite plateaus and rivers form the backdrop for a unique tour.

Ponta d'Ouro

Ponta d'Ouro, Dolphins, Mozambique
Ponta d'Ouro, Dolphins, Mozambique

The coastal town of Ponta d'Ouro is an ideal spot for water lovers. Divers in particular can have fun here. But what makes the town especially special are the over-friendly dolphins. Jump into the water and swim among the dolphins. They are extremely curious by nature and don't shy away from taking a good look at who you are. Surfers are also in place here. With the right conditions, Ponta d'Ouro's waves are the best in all of the south Africa.

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