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Somalia is – without a hint of irony – very old. This country, with the longest coastline of all countries in Africa (3000 km), has a history that goes back to the distant prehistoric times. Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa and borders neighboring countries Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. Officially two languages ​​are spoken here, namely Somali and Arabic. The capital is Mogadishu, which stretches to the Indian Ocean. We know Somalia from the civil war on TV and from starving and traumatized children. We also think of politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, female circumcision and the book 'My desert' by nomad daughter, top model and UN ambassador Waris Dirie. Rival clans have been making the country unsafe for years and the situation is still unstable. Life expectancy in Somalia, which, like Ethiopia and Eritrea, belongs to 'the Horn of Africa', is only 47 years.

Clans and Warlords

For decades there has been a lot of unrest in Somalia. The country is divided into several parts, each part being led by a clan. Unfortunately, there is a lot of tension between the different clans and their warlords, which in turn has led to countless civil wars and a lot of violence. The population also often has to deal with large-scale famine. It is also questionable whether traveling to Somalia is currently wise. Poverty and especially political unrest regularly lead to very threatening situations.

Archaeological highlights

Is there nothing to look for here for a traveler? Certainly! If the opportunity presents itself and the conditions are safe enough, there is plenty to see. Think of the many archaeological finds and ancient ruins. For example, the oldest rock paintings – the so-called Laas Geel drawings – date from 9.000 BC. Visit Sanaag where you can imagine yourself back in African antiquity. There are also many historical sites in Haylaan, Qa'ableh and Qombo'ul.

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