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On holiday to Cape Town, the best places in a row!

Cape Town, by far one of my favorite travel destinations in South Africa† Beautiful beaches, diverse nature and of course delicious food. A holiday to Cape Town is definitely one for the books. Do you feel like being busy? Then take a stroll down Long Street. Would you rather enjoy the versatile nature? Then choose to take a hike in the beautiful surroundings.

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Surfers, nature lovers, sunbathers, and so on. During a holiday in Cape Town you will encounter all kinds of travelers. From travelers who love pure luxury to backpackers with a small budget. It's the perfect place for both. It is precisely this mixture that creates a fantastic atmosphere in Cape Town. Do you want to know how you can make your trip through Cape Town unforgettable? In this blog I share all kinds of tips and fun sights!

Vacation to Cape Town

If you want to go on holiday to Cape Town, it is nice to know some background information before you go. Did you know that Cape Town is also called the mother city? Or that Cape Town used to be a small port and has now grown into just about the largest city in the country. In addition, Cape Town is not only known for its robust and beautiful nature, but also for the large wine regions. For the wine lovers among us you can't stop having fun. So you can imagine that you have many different wine tastings here and I can tell you it is definitely worth it!

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Nice places in Cape Town

If you go on holiday to Cape Town, you can actually plan your entire holiday full of activities. You will certainly not get bored in this South African city. So you can also imagine that Cape Town has a lot of nice places to visit. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which places in Cape Town are worth checking out. I have listed the best activities for you below.

spotting penguins

Penguins in South Africa? Yes, there are certainly and many! Bee Boulders beach spot these cute bipeds in their own habitat. To walk around among these cute wild animals is a unique experience that I don't think you will experience again soon. You will find this beach near the small village Simon's Town† It's a funny sight that the humans and the black-footed penguins live side by side here. It can even happen that you see a penguin walking through the streets.

Hike to the top of Lion's Head

Haven't had enough of walking yet? Then Lion's Head is also a great place to hike. The Lion's Head is about 669 meters high and once at the top you can enjoy a spectacular view! The hike takes about one hour and is therefore doable for most people. During the hike you get acquainted with the rugged nature and you can once again enjoy a beautiful view.

Colored houses Bo-Kaap

Stroll through the neighborhood Bo Kaap then it looks like you're just in South America delusion. The people who know me know that I am a big fan of colored houses and such streets. As soon as you walk through it, there is an immediate atmosphere and the same goes for the cute neighborhood of Bo-Kaap.

Climb Table Mountain during your vacation to Cape Town

De Mesa, one of the nicest and most special places in Cape Town. For the fanatics and adventurers among us, it is recommended to climb Table Mountain. It is also possible to go up by cable car, but if you have done a good hike first, the feeling you get when seeing the view will be even more exuberant and will make your Cape Town holiday complete.

make a roadtrip to the South of the Cape Peninsula

If you are in Cape Town, it is definitely a must to visit a roadtrip to the southern part of Cape Town. If you travel to the South, you will arrive at Cape of Good Hope† Here you will again get to know the beautiful nature. The special thing is that you see the landscape change during the trip. One minute you're driving past the rugged rock walls and rugged views and the next you're driving a National Park with vast plains and many boulders. It's definitely worth it!

Vacation to Cape Town

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Which can! On my website sherulestheglobe.nl I share even more inspiring travel blogs, including about South Africa. Cape Town has so much to offer and is one of the most versatile destinations I have visited. For more nice places in Cape Town, read my blog about the best sights in Cape Town.

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