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Of course everyone knows Nepal because of its famous mountain landscape, the Himalayas. The backdrop of rocks and snow-capped peaks defines the face of Nepal. The highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, is rooted in Nepal. In fact, in total eight of the ten highest mountains on our planet can be found in this small country in Asia. Together with Tibet, Nepal therefore forms the Roof of the World.

Religious Kathmandu

Capital Kathmandu is a colorful city where the friendly Nepalese try to sell you their merchandise with a smile. Religion is an important part of Nepal, especially Hinduism. In Kathmandu you will see many monks and monasteries, and you will also encounter the religion everywhere in the royal city of Patan. Temples, statues, monasteries, they surround you in every Nepalese city.

Nepali Nature & Trekking

The nature in the country is amazing. Not only the towering mountain peaks, but also the green surroundings and National Parks in the lower part of Nepal are beautiful. Lake Pokhara and Chitwan National Park with its rhinoceroses, elephants and tigers leave an indelible impression. The treks you can make through the breathtaking Annapurna range and rafting on the wild rivers. Nepal is unique on all fronts and is therefore the holy grail among true world travelers.

Recently, it is no longer necessary to apply for a trekking permit for the most popular trekkings. If you go to remote areas such as Mustang, you still have to. It is also still mandatory to buy a visa before you can enter the country at all. Check with the Nepalese consulate what the latest state of affairs regarding this paperwork is, it is subject to change.

Remember that you are well trained on the road, because you will be at an altitude that can rise to above 5 kilometers and then the conditions for body and mind are not optimal. Altitude sickness is a phenomenon that can affect unprepared hikers.

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