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Koh Phangan | What to do on this beautiful island!

This island is known for the Fullmoon party, but it has so much more to offer! It is inundated with beautiful beaches, clear waters, amazing viewpoints and waterfalls. These are all worth discovering and in this blog I will tell you about what to do. You, like us, will be amazed at how amazing this island is!

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Where to stay in Koh Phangan

It's a big island and you actually have two choices to stay if you want to be a bit central; Thongsala and Haad Rin.

When you are going to visit the Fullmoon Party is Haad Rin (Location here ) the most logical option to stay. By the way, don't worry if it's fully booked during this period, because taxis are running all over the south coast who will gladly take you to the party and you certainly won't be alone!

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Haad Rin is located in the east of the island, 30 minutes drive from the pier. When there is no Fullmoon Party, it is very quiet. The beach bars will be full, but otherwise there is not much to do in the center. It is ideal to have a scooter when you stay here, so that you still have the freedom to eat somewhere else or to discover the island.

In Thongsala (Location here ) on the other hand, it is lively throughout the month. You will find most bars, restaurants and food courts here. Save the Phangan Food Court (Location here ) because here you will find a great variety of food for low prices. Another small food market you can visit is here Pantip Food Market (Location here ) where you will also find the most bars and every Saturday there is even one Saturday Walking Street Market organized where street food lovers can indulge themselves.

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The beach

Of all three islands on the southern east coast of Thailand, is the Koh Phangan which possesses the clearest and bluest waters. You can sit on a scooter all day, hop from beach to beach and you will certainly not have seen them all. Below we list a few beaches that you should definitely visit during your time on the island.

1. Had Rin Beach

This beach is mainly visited during the Full Moon Party that takes place here once every month. When you visit this beach during the day and only hear the waves of the sea instead of the deafening music, you will see that this beach is actually very beautiful. The two kilometer long beach has clear waters and is very shallow; so perfect for children. Choose a spot in the shade or apply yourself very well during the day, because on this beach the chance that you burn is extremely high.

Besides relaxing on the beach there are also water activities that you can undertake. Many tourists opt for the jet ski while others actively jump on the kayak and discover the beaches on the other side of the extremities. A few of these beaches are; Head Khontee (Location here ) On Haad Yuan (Location here ). In the evening you can enjoy a drink on this beach or go out for dinner in one of the beach bars.  

Haad Rin Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan
Haad Rin Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan

2. Chalok Lam Beach

This is one of the most surprising beaches I've discovered in Thailand. You can only visit the beach by scooter as it is located in the north of the island. You can rent a scooter on the island for about 250 baht (about 6,80 euros) per day.

On a beautiful sunny day you can see different shades of blue in the water and you have a view of another white sand beach. This beach also starts shallow and is as clear as drinking water. The boats in the water with their beautiful Thai flowers make this a truly serene place.

Chalok Lam Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan
Chalok Lam Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan

3. Thong Nai Pan Beach

Have you not had enough of all the white sand beaches and clear blue waters? Then visit Thong Nai Pan Beach (Location here ). It is located in the east of the island and the road to it is incredibly beautiful. You imagine yourself between the palm trees and after the steep roads you have a view over the blue Gulf of Thailand.

You can also choose to visit Thong Nai Pan Beach's sister, namely; Thong Nai Pan Yai (Location here ). It is a bit busier here and the waters are the same color, but Thong Nai Pan Beach has whiter and finer sand. Something good to note about these beaches is that it is super clean here and you have a view over the high mountains of Koh Phangan.

Thong Nai Pan Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan
Thong Nai Pan Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan

4. Zen Beach

The water here is not as clear as on the north and east coasts, but there is a good reason to visit this beach. It is a large beach where many hippies and yoga practitioners come to end their day with the sunset. The whole atmosphere around the sunset is something you must see. It is very atmospheric and therefore very nice to visit with a group, since you also have many cozy beach bars here that decorate and play moody music.

Zen Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan
Zen Beach | What to do on Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party

The party where many travelers adjust their travel route to experience this. Held every month during the full moon, this festival attracts around 20.000 to 35.000 visitors from all over the world to celebrate life. It's the biggest party in all Asia and many want to cross this off their bucket list. It is certainly a great spectacle and great to have experienced it once in your life.

Everywhere you look there are huge numbers of people, including on the streets in front of the beach entrance. Here you can mainly buy your drinks and snacks, but the real fanatics will paint their bodies with luminous make-up.

Good to know: you buy your tickets at the entrance of the beach and cost 200 baht (about 5,45 euros).

Full Moon Party | What to do on Koh Phangan
Full Moon Party | What to do on Koh Phangan

Half Moon Party

In addition to the Full Moon Party, there is also the Half Moon Party. Incidentally, this is not organized on the beach, but in the jungle and the party is spread over two full days. Don't be alarmed by the price, because it is considerably higher than that of the Full Moon Party. If you're sure you want to go, buy your tickets online because of multiple offers.

Other parties

In addition to the Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan is also generally known for being a real party island. Large parties are held several times a week in the jungle and on remote islands and beaches. Don't worry about the fact that there is little about this on the internet, because the moment you enter Koh Phangan you will find flyers everywhere with all the necessary information.

Riding a scooter on the island

The amazing views you will see on your drive around the island are no secret. The roads you drive on often reveal the most amazing views and it is quite an experience to drive from place to place.

Scootering through the beautiful surroundings | What to do on Koh Phangan
On a scooter through the beautiful surroundings | What to do on Koh Phangan

Places worth visiting are, for example, the Phaeng Noi Waterfall (Location here ) which is in the Koh Phangan National Park is. This is a trekking where you encounter several pools and are rewarded with a view over the island. Please wear sturdy shoes and no flip flops!

Located a little further on Paradise Waterfall (Location here ) which is easy to reach from the entrance, in case you forgot your good shoes. Another point you can visit is Bottle Beach Viewpoint (Location here ). It is also a good alternative to Bottle Beach, as the road to get here can be a bit grim.

On a scooter through the beautiful surroundings | What to do on Koh Phangan
On a scooter through the beautiful surroundings | What to do on Koh Phangan

Tip: Do not visit Koh Phangan's waterfalls in the dry season. No water will flow in the falls for a day.

Be sure to end your day on the scooter at Amsterdam Bar (Location here ). This is a bar that is perfectly located for a beautiful sunset and where you can chill with a nice drink or snack. NB; it does get very busy so make sure you get your spot early enough.

Sunset Amsterdam Bar| What to do on Koh Phangan
Sunset Amsterdam Bar | What to do on Koh Phangan

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