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Washington DC Travel Guide | The American capital

After we had been able to enjoy a few wonderful days in the cozy, colonial town of Annapolis, we arrived in Washington DC. In this mini-travel guide about Washington DC I tell you about a piece of history of...

DSCF1854 | travel guide Washington DC | Wereldreizigers.nl

Firearms in America | How did we experience it?

After our tour through America, people were sometimes asked; Have you also seen firearms? Yes, we saw, discussed and somewhat experienced firearms. I have long thought that only politically right-oriented people...

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Nile Cruise Egypt | Sail along and be amazed

I have never been to Egypt before, but I knew that I would most like to discover the country through a Nile cruise. Now the time had finally come. I went out with Corendon to experience the Nile Cruise myself...

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Tour Vancouver Island, Canada | Tips and highlights

Vancouver Island in Canada has been high on my wish list for a long time. Partly because of bears, orcas, cute fishing villages and the special nature. There is so much to see here! We therefore decided for three weeks...

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