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Japan tour | A bit weird but nice

Eand traveling through Japan is an encounter with a completely different world. Forget the Dutch clumsiness and do-it-yourself mentality, Japan is a stew full of oddities and absurdities. For example, it is perfectly normal here to cuddle kittens for an hour in a Cat Café. And where else is it not allowed to smoke on the street but in restaurants? Strange maybe? Until you don't know anything else and you are passionately singing your lungs out in a karaoke bar for hours on end, without any embarrassment. Japan smells different, feels different and tastes different.

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Nice chaos in Tokyo

A walk through the largest metropolis in the world is a journey in itself. Always sound, flashing images and people, people everywhere. The busy traffic and the overcrowded metros, you have to be able to handle it. A visit to the Japanese capital is more than worth the chaos.

Beautiful flowers in Tokyo, Japan tour
Beautiful flowers in Tokyo, Japan tour

There is so much to see and do in this metropolis. First of all, go to the Tokyo Tower and admire the mighty skyline of this ultra-modern city. The view from this Japanese version of the Eiffel Tower is phenomenal.

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harajuku girls

Fancy a day of fun with the kids? That is no problem in Tokyo either. In addition to DisneyLand, there is also a DisneySea in town! Both equally enjoyable. Another must-see is the tuna auction at the Tsjukijii Central Fish Market. Fresher than fresh fish, the sushi here is absolutely divine.

Harajuku girls, tour Japan
Harajuku girls, tour Japan

Other recommendations: shopping on Tokyo's own island of Odaiba (don't forget to take a picture of the Rainbow Bridge at night), a sacred visit to the temple of Meiji Jingū and secretly peeking at the specially dressed harajuku girls at the station of the same name. Dress to impress!

Climb Mount Fuji

Don't feel like chaos anymore? Time to escape the abundance of people and dive into Japanese nature. Just outside Tokyo you will soon find yourself at the foot of Mount Fuji, an impressive volcanic mountain range that the Japanese must have climbed once in their lives.

Mount Fuji, Japan Tour
Mount Fuji, Japan Tour

Be dropped off at 2500 m and complete the climb to the top at 3776 m. Be prepared for a big test! The view from the top makes this climb more than worth it.

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The beauty of Hokkaido Island

Also during your tour through Japan it's time to relax! Along the way, stop at one of the hot springs called Onsen. These springs have often been transformed into Japanese seaside resorts where you can relax and recover from your trip. Then on to the island of Hokkaido. This beautiful island is the setting for several national parks.

Relaxation on Hokkaido
Relaxation on Hokkaido

Be sure to take a tour through it National Park from Shikotsu-Toya. In the town of Sapporo, located on the island, you can take the cable car to the top of Moiwa-san, enjoy the view!

The Sacred Temples in Kyoto

The temples in Kyoto are attractions in themselves and cannot be missed during your tour of Japan. Whether you visit the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, the Sensō-ji, or the beautiful Todai-ji temple in Nara: every temple is special and unique. The characteristic roofs, soothing incense and beautiful statues make you realize that you are standing on sacred ground. Temple capital of Japan is without a doubt Kyoto.

The geishas, ​​the impressive temple of Ginkaku-ji and especially the Fushimi Inari-taisha, a temple with galleries covered by thousands of scarlet gates (torii), are breathtakingly beautiful. And there's more! Kyoto is hidden in a beautiful landscape. For example, go to the west of Kyoto, to the regions of Sagano and Arashiyama. Japanese nature is at its best here. The Hozugawa River is also a special trip. Grab the kayak and race down!

The Sacred Temples of Kyoto, Japan
The Sacred Temples of Kyoto, Japan

Absurd and peculiar Japan

We know Japan of the screaming commercials, strange games and special obsessions. In fact, we often think the Japanese are weird. Are we completely wrong or is there a truth in it? I think the latter. Because the Japanese definitely have special traits. They are crazy about special inventions. A clamp on your bike to secure your umbrella (why don't we have one yet??), extendable straws (simple but ingenious!), socks with toes so you can just wear socks with flip-flops (didn't see me!). These are just a few examples of Japanese genius. These are all fun quirks of the country that you will encounter during your tour of Japan.

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High heels and the perfect toilet

You also see the strangest things on the street. For example, everything is indicated with cartoons, even official names of, for example, the police. Very cute and typical Japan. Furthermore, Japanese women are fanatical high-heel wearers, which is nothing wrong with that. Are you single and meeting a really nice date? Might be a good time to try out a Love Hotel. Here you can rent a room per hour. Ideal? The prejudice about the fear of contamination among the Japanese seems to be correct. Gloves and mouth caps are completely established and can no longer be ignored from the street scene.

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During your tour of Japan you will see a lot of weird signs and cartoons
During your tour of Japan you will see a lot of weird signs and cartoons

Finally, the toilet. Nowhere else in the world will you step off the toilet with such a pleasant feeling during a tour. The toilets in Japan are equipped with a shower function, bidet function, seat warmer, hair dryer function, and everything is provided with the right sound.

Conclusion: A tour through Japan may taste a bit strange, but very tasty!

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