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Asia in numbers

  • Number of countries: 50
  • Surface: 44.580.000 km²
  • Highest mountain: Mount Everest (8848m)
  • Population: 4,65 billion
  • Average age: 32
  • Heat record: 55°C, Saudi Arabia
  • Cold record: -68,0°C, Russia

About Asia

Asia is the largest continent on planet Earth. It borders on the west side Europe en Africa, the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east and southeast, and the Indian Ocean to the south. More information and fun facts about Asia can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why Asia

Besides delicious food you will find in Asia‎ beautiful nature. It's not for nothing that thousands live there Dutch people op Bali and is Thailand one of the most popular travel destinations among Dutch people. Nature is overwhelming, the beaches whiter than white and the mountain tops greener than green. Asia‎ has it all. A journey through Asia from north to south is a world trip in itself. Did you know that this continent in the north also has real winter destinations? In terms of safety, you are generally in the right place in Asia. However, there are some areas in, for example, the Philippines and Myanmar for which a negative travel advice applies. Therefore, always check the most recent before departure travel advice of the Dutch government.

7 Nature Wonders of the World

  1. Mount Everest- Location
  2. Ban Gioc - Detian Falls - Location
  3. Caspian Sea - Location
  4. Dead Sea - Location
  5. The Maldives - Location
  6. Longest underground river - Location
  7. San Doong Cave - Location

Bucket list activities

  1. balloon flight - myanmar - Booking
  2. canyoning - Philippines - Booking
  3. Helicopter tour -Dubai- Booking
  4. Paragliding - Indonesia - Booking
  5. bungee jump -Singapore- Booking
  6. skydiving - Philippines - Booking
  7. Climb a volcano -Bali- Booking

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Wildlife in Asia

Do you want to spot animals in Asia† Asia has several nature reserves and reserves where you can spot countless unique animal species. Think of pandas in China, orangutans in Indonesia en Malaysia, tigers in India and elephants in Sri Lanka en Thailand† In addition, large marine animals can be found in various coastal areas. Dolphin watching is best done in Indonesia, the Maldives and Thailand. Diving and snorkeling with manta rays is possible in the Maldives and Bali in Indonesia. And we haven't even mentioned whales, turtles, whale sharks, thresher sharks, gibbons, and several other species!

Asia, the largest continent in the world

The continent encompasses 50 independent countries and occupies the eastern portion of the single Eurasian landmass. Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean from the north, by the Pacific Ocean from the east, and the Indian Ocean from the south. The Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea separate Asia from Europe. Further on, the land border runs through the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian Sea, the Ural Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. This border passes through the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. The last two states are located on both continents.

Armenia and Cyprus are also geographically located in Asia, but politically and culturally they are also considered part of Europe. The largest of the Asian countries by area is Russia. Russia occupies about 30% of the total territory of the continent. The smallest of the independent states is the Maldives. An archipelago known for its seaside resorts. The country most visited by tourists in this region is China, followed by such popular destinations as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey.

Good food in Asia

Be enchanted in Asia‎ by all the beauty that this continent has to offer. Although the differences between the Asian countries are large, there is one thing that is certain: you can eat delicious everywhere and often for very little money! The best sushi, satay, curries and rice dishes can be found throughout Asia . “You don't like spicy?” Don't panic, there are a lot of tasty Asian dishes that are prepared without red peppers.

Shopping in Asia

Do you like shopping? Then you can make it as crazy as you want in Asia. In many Asian countries such as Thailand you can buy cheap clothing, from local brands to counterfeit clothing from well-known brands such as Armani and Calvin Klein. Would you rather step into a real Louis Vuitton store? Then take a look at countries such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Your shopping heart will really beat faster!

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