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The cleanest country in the world? Could just be. After all, throwing your chewing gum on the street can cost you dearly. But Singapore is more than that. This smallest country in Southeast Asia is ultra-modern, while at the same time you can taste ancient cultures all over the country. The capital of the same name amazes you every night with its stunning skyline. The delicious satay and curry on every corner of the street will leave you wanting more.

Most beautiful swimming pool in the world

The country of Singapore consists of 63 small islands. A tour through the country takes you from gigantic shopping malls to well-hidden eateries and the azure blue sea. Singapore has a few landmarks that you will definitely want to photograph. Think of the Marina Bay Sands with the most beautiful swimming pool in the world and the lush Botanical Gardens with its thousands of orchids. Have you saved a lot? Then opt for a star dinner at the best restaurant in all of Singapore: Fiftythree. It doesn't get much better than this!

Singapore or Singapore

Perhaps the best thing about Singapore is its mix of cultures. You can taste this in the dishes, you see it in all the buildings and temples, and you hear it when you stroll down Orchard Road in search of beautiful clothes and affordable souvenirs. Singapore has four official languages, namely English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. Book your trip and experience for yourself that the nickname Singabore can be deleted immediately!

Singapore | 10 must-sees in the cleanest city in the world

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