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Round trip South Korea (2) | City of Millions Busan

around the country South Korea the best way to get to know them is to take a big tour. This is part 2 of my tour through South Korea I started with the island Jeju-Do and afterwards I flew to the metropolis of Busan (Wiki here ).

Busan can be visited all year round, but in summer the city's beaches are completely packed. There is a lot to do in Busan! You can easily spend a week there. The distances are very large and you will have to cover many distances by public transport. Below I tell you about the different neighborhoods and what you can see and do there.

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Nampo Dong

One of the most famous neighborhoods of Busan is Nampo Dong, which is located in the south of the city. Here is the large port of Busan, between the mountains. There are also beautiful beaches and parks where you can spend a day in the summer.

1. Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market is the largest in South Korea
Jagalchi Fish Market is the largest in South Korea

Jagalchi Fish Market (Location here ) is the largest seafood market in all of South Korea, selling both live and dried fish. Outside the building there are already several markets where fresh fish is sold. Once at the bottom of the building, there are many different types of fish and sea creatures that are also for sale. If you want to try fish, it is prepared and you can eat it on the second floor. This market is located in the port of Busan and because of this the fish is very fresh.

2. Gamcheon Culture Village

The well-known district of Gamcheon Culture Village
The well-known district of Gamcheon Culture Village

gamcheon Cultural Village (Location here ) is Busan's most visited tourist attraction. The colorful village in the mountains of Busan is the hallmark of the city, but has a very different past. These houses were built for refugees from the Korean War. In 2009, the government decided to paint the houses and give the village a more friendly appearance. In the meantime, it has been nicknamed “Machu Picchu of Busan” and several walks have been set out in the village. During the walks you will discover the small streets and beautiful views, with lots of art and colorful houses.

3. Busan Tower

The Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park
The Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park

At the end of 2021, the BusanTower (Location here ) completely renovated after its original construction in 1973. At the top of the tower at 118 meters high, there is a beautiful view over the port of Busan, but also the mountains surrounding the city. Here you can see how big this city is. The tower is in the Yongdusan Park, where you can walk around and have a picnic on one of the larger mountains of the city.

View from the Busan Tower
View from the Busan Tower

What else to see in Nampo-Dong

There are many more things to do in the district such as visiting it Busan Museum of Movies but also it Busan Modern History Museum can be found there. You can also go shopping in Lotte Department Store in Gwangbok or after the traditional Korean market called Gukje Market.


Seomyeon is best visited at night
Seomyeon is best visited at night

Like the Gangnam district in Seoul Seomyeon in Busan the pinnacle for entertainment, food and shopping. If you take the subway and get off in Seomyeon, you will immediately end up in the large underground shopping center of Seomyeon. Here you will find the best deals in the city and from here you can go underground, the Lotte Department Store walk in. For a more local experience, visit Bujeon Market (Location here ). A lot of fruit and vegetables are sold here, but nuts and grains are also traded here. It's next door Bujeon train station, where several local trains and high speed trains depart.


The most famous beach in all of Busan is located in the district Haeundae. There are always many tourists in the entire district, but the place is also popular for locals and exchange students.

1. Haeundae Beach

Haeundae beach is the most famous beach in Busan
Haeundae beach is the most famous beach in Busan

Haeundae Beach (Location here ) is 1,5 kilometers long. It is busy throughout the day and even busier around sunrise and sunset, keeping the beach busy for a long time to come. In the gunam-ro street (location here ) there are many restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Korean food. You can walk along the boulevard and you have a good view over the skyline of Busan.

2.Dongbaek Park

View from the Dongbaek park over the Gwangan Bridge and Nurimaru APEC House
View from the Dongbaek park over the Gwangan Bridge and Nurimaru APEC House

It is located on the west side of Haeundae Beach Dongbaek Park (Location here ), so that the forest and the beach are close to each other and provide the necessary cooling during hot summer days. There are plenty of highlights in and around the park. Think of beautiful views over the city, a lighthouse at the tip of the park and beautiful rock formations that form the transition to the sea. Along these rock formations is also the Princess Hwangok (mermaid) statue resembling the little mermaid statue of Copenhagen. There is no shortage of architecture in the park either, because it Nurimaru APEC House provides a wonderful alternation between nature and city.

3. Haeundae Blue Line Park 

Haeundae Blueline Park the sky capsule
Haeundae Blueline Park the Sky Capsule

Haeundae Blue Line Park has become known via Instagram and can often not be found in travel guides. This must-do is located on the east side of Haendae Beach. Buy your tickets on time, because they often sell out quickly. There are 2 different types of Sky Capsules you can take from Mipo Station (Location here ). As you can see in the photo, the Sky Capsules go around the mountain along the sea to the Cheongsapo Station which is about 2 kilometers away. The other option is the Beach Train, it goes from Mipo Station to Songjeong Station which is 5 kilometers away. This makes several stops, including Cheonsapo Station. Both have a beautiful view of the sea and show a different side of the metropolis of Busan.

4. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

A little more outside the Haeundae district is this special temple (location here ), along the coastline rather than in the mountains where temples are normally located. In 1970 the temple from 1376 was completely renovated and since then many visitors have come to see it. From here there is a good view of the rising sun and January 1 is always busy making new wishes for the new year.

Dongnae & Geumjeong-san

This part is located in the north of the city and shows a very different picture of this big city because of the greenery and because there are many mountains to see. This neighborhood is located in the north of the city and from Seomyeon it takes about 20 minutes by metro from where you have to go up the mountain for another 20 minutes by bus.

1. Beomeosa

Beomeo-sa Temple on top of the mountain
Beomeo-sa Temple on top of the mountain

The biggest attraction is the Beomeosa Temple (Location here ) which can be found on top of the mountain. It feels like you are no longer in Busan, but in nature with beautiful mountains and views of the city far below you. On weekends and holidays it can be very busy here as it is a starting point of the walk through Geumjeong-san.

2. Geumjeon Fortress

It is located near the Beomeo-sa temple Geumjeong Fortress (Location here ). Anyone who thinks that this is a fortress will be disappointed, because they cannot be found here. It is a 17 km long stone wall with 4 entrances into it, on top of the mountain. This enclosed park offers the ideal opportunity to go hiking. Most people start at the Beomeo-sa temple or at the Geumgang Park cable car. This will immediately take you to the top of the mountain so that you can start the walk from here. They have several walks, where it is important to bring enough water and food, because it is not possible to buy anything along the way.

Other places of interest

Busan is a very big city and there is a lot to do and see. There are several beaches including songdo, Pebble en Dadaepo beach. Furthermore, there are many museums that can be visited, spread throughout the city. Also think of the many parks that can be visited, which are often located next to the sea where you can take beautiful walks.

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