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10 reasons to rent a motorhome this summer

Campers are currently no longer available because the popularity of motorhomes has increased enormously, partly due to the corona crisis. Owning a camper is also not for everyone. For example, you must be able to store your motorhome somewhere, for example in your driveway or in a garage. For many people, therefore, renting a motorhome is the best solution. goboony is a popular motorhome rental company in The Netherlands that you can try. They have a wide range with all kinds of different motorhomes. They also have their own App, which makes booking and managing a lot easier.

So are you planning to rent a motorhome this summer? Or are you still in doubt about renting a motorhome? If you are still in doubt, these 10 great reasons to rent a motorhome will at least help you make the right decision!

1. Freedom!

This is arguably the best part of a motorhome holiday! You can plan a route in advance and choose where you want to go, or you can make it up along the way! If you arrive somewhere only to find it's not what you imagined, drive on and choose somewhere else! Likewise, if you find a place you love, you can stay a little longer. The open road is waiting for you and you can tailor your trip to as much or as little as you want!

2. Quality time

When camping you have no choice but to meet your fellow campers up close! Camping is a great experience for families. With everyone's hectic schedules, this is a great opportunity to reconnect and become even closer as a family. Especially children do so young and participate in various sports and clubs. This is a great opportunity for them to switch off and just live in the moment. If you really want to make the most of this quality time, make it an electronics-free vacation (or at least 23 hours a day!)

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3 Experience

Camping is an experience you will never forget. It really is a holiday with a difference and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Adventure awaits and this is a vacation that will be talked about for years to come. What often happens to first-time campers is that they fall in love with the experience and it becomes an annual trip!

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4 Nature

Immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the smaller things in life! Spend more time outdoors, hiking or trekking or simply exploring the area. You learn to appreciate again how beautiful Mother Nature really is, whether it's exploring a forest, hiking a mountain or walking along a sandy beach.

5 Home away from home

With a camper you can take some of your comfort from home with you. This is ideal if you have children as you can easily take some of their belongings with you that they can't live without! You can move yourself from one place to another without having to pack everyone's clothes into a suitcase every time. To truly embrace the whole experience of camping, try to pack only the essentials. Kids don't need to pack a lot of toys, there's plenty to see and do wherever you are!

6 Healthy

There really is no better feeling than being outside in the fresh air! It does wonders for the heart and soul. You'll also be more active on a camping trip, burning calories, releasing endorphins that fight stress and make you feel positive! It's also good for your eyes to take a break from the computer and mobile screens we are all guilty of every day!

7 Food

Another great advantage of a motorhome holiday is that you can fill your fridge and cupboards with food before you leave. This saves you money and you can always buy fresh from local delis, fruit and vegetable shops and bakeries. So you can enjoy a cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner and a cup of tea whenever you want! If you're on the road somewhere, just stop and eat. This saves time to stop, park and find a place to eat.

8 Learn something new

While camping you learn new skills. Everyone participates and kids will love a bit of responsibility, whether it's choosing an activity or helping to prepare food. They also learn all about science and nature while exploring and it's a chance to try a new activity that you may not have tried before, such as fishing or kayaking!

9 Making friends

Staying at a campsite is like being part of a big community, everyone is friendly and willing to help each other! Kids make friends and you can chat with the local neighbor. You can also bring friends and families together with a motorhome! You can organize a group trip and stay next to each other at the campsites. Out together, at home together!

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10 Peace and Re-energize

You can really relax during a camping holiday. No school, no work deadlines and best of all, no hassles usually associated with holidays, such as airport queues and check-ins. Camping is a break from the routine of everyday life, where things are simpler and uncomplicated. By the time night falls, you'll be ready to go to bed after all the day's activities! You can sleep soundly without the usual noise from televisions and household appliances. Smaller campsites will be quiet and peaceful and if you can find one near the beach so much the better! You will relax and revitalize yourself when you return home!

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