VANLIFE - Robin and Jenn have been living in their van for three years
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VANLIFE: Robin and Jenn have been living in a motorhome for 3 years | Mini vanlife documentary

You probably won't have noticed, but we are slowly but surely paying more and more attention to van life op Wereldreizigers.nl† This trend does not just appear out of the blue. Traveling and living in a motorhome or campervan has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years and the corona pandemic added a big scoop on top of that. You could still travel with a camper, even when the planes no longer flew. But that's not the only reason that vanlife has become so popular. The housing market is upside down and the cost of living is reaching a point that makes it unaffordable for many people. More and more people are therefore looking for a way out to financial freedom, a vanlife is very interesting for them.

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VANLIFE is more than just traveling

The housing market is overheated and renting is expensive, so what options are there? More and more people opt for life in a van not only because they like to travel, but also because it is sometimes a necessity. Sometimes people just don't want to participate in the 'rat race' of normal life where everything revolves around work and pay to live.

For several months now Arnoud Klop of TinyDocu therefore started looking for alternative forms of housing. Think of life on a houseboat, in sea containers or in a tiny house. And of course: life in a van!

In his series of mini-docuses about alternative living, Arnoud visited Robin and Jenn, who have been living in a camper van for more than three years now. First it was a somewhat older variant and now in a beautiful self-built bus in which they experience the real #vanlife life. With this bus they travel all over the world.

Watch the mini-documentary video at the top of this page!

Why they choose vanlife

The choice for the vanlife life (life in a bus) had some conditions for Robin and Jenn. They both had to really like it and secretly the cry for freedom was also very tempting. But also not unimportant: the costs of living in a camper van are quite low, which means that you 'have to' much less.

VANLIFE - Robin and Jenn have been living in their van for three years

The couple lives from their seasonal work. Because the costs are so low, they do not have to earn a lot of money to make ends meet. The fixed costs are approximately 1000 euros per month. 

They will see what the future brings Robin and Jenn. At the moment they are enjoying winter sports, but it won't be surprising if they are in the south of the Netherlands in a few weeks Spain have come to enjoy the sun…

Would you like to know more about alternative living, vanlife and other similar topics? Then follow Arnoud Klop's TinyDocu YouTube Channel.

…and of course you can follow Robin and Jenn too on Instagram† See you there!

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