Aruba is a sunny country in the Caribbean. When you say Aruba, you undoubtedly think white beaches and crystal clear water. Aruba is therefore a very popular destination for many Dutch people in both summer and winter. The island is located north of Venezuela, next to other islands such as Curacao and Bonaire. Aruba is actually enjoyable all year round. Sun, sea and sand: the perfect ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Capital Oranjestad

Aruba's capital is Oranjestad, and as befits a Caribbean country, this city is lively, colorful and atmospheric. Strolling on the boulevard is certainly part of this. The Royal Plaza Mall is a special building where you can enjoy shopping and enjoy the cool air conditioning. Inland lies the Arikok Nature Park. It is best to drive through this with a 4×4. You will find caves, rough rocks and the large Natural Bridge here.

The beaches of Aruba

But once in Aruba you mainly come for the beaches. Each beach has its own character. Palm Beach and Druif Beach are quiet beaches where you can imagine yourself in paradise. Don't forget to snorkel in the south of Aruba, you will encounter the most colorful fish here. Diving is of course also an excellent option. Off the coast are several wrecks and if you are lucky you can encounter giant turtles.

divi divic

The warm wind, the sun and the little rainfall may make the island a paradise for tourists, it is also the reason for the relatively limited flora and fauna on the island. There are mainly shrubs, agaves and tree species such as the divi-divi, a tree that is formed by the wind.

The most notable plants are the cacti, which are spread across the island in a large number of species. There are seven species of lizard, of which the iguana is the best known. You can also encounter two snake species: the Santanero and the poisonous Cascabel.

Arikok . National Park

The Arikok National Park was declared a nature reserve by the government in the early 18s, which is about XNUMX% of the island.

The highest points in Aruba, such as the peaks of the Arikok and the Jamanota, are located in this park. The oldest Arawak drawings can also be viewed here. The government's commitment to the environment ensures that the park is only used by environmentally friendly organizations that put the island's interests first.

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