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You might not think it, but the country that has been trying to keep everything and everyone out for years is a fantastic travel destination. Nowhere else will you find a country that is so pure and idiosyncratic. Well, almost nowhere. It Cuba by Fidel Castro is now a thing of the past, but today's Cuba is still a beautiful backdrop for a dream trip, including salsa, Chevy's and colorful casas. Cuba smells different, feels different and dreams differently.

Cuba is one of our favorite islands in the Caribbean. The land still resembles the land seen in the movie Dirty Dancing 2, with street dancing, Cuban music and colonial houses. Be quick, because the authentic Cuba is disappearing fast.

Che and Fidel

Cuban history is probably familiar to everyone. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and their armed revolution kept snoopers from entering their Central American country for decades. Aided by the US trade embargo, you didn't see the well-known brands like Tommy Hilfiger or Burger King anywhere, only Cuban's finest. While you can find a McDonalds in almost every corner of the world, Cuba remained itself. Havana and Santiago de Cuba are cities where you immediately feel at home. Salsa music resounds in all dusty streets. And the locals may not be rich, but rather penniless, but they still give you the feeling that you are always welcome.

Land of Columbus

A journey through Cuba takes you past sun-drenched beaches in Varadero, colonial times in Havana, and historic sites like Baracoa. This is where Columbus first set his feet on American soil. Cuba is history in the present. Enjoy it while you still can!

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