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Island hopping on the ABC islands

Aruba, Bonaire en Curacao are tropical gems that you can combine well. Each island has something unique, so hop from one to the next! Discover Aruba, the island known for its soft sandy beaches, take a trip through one of the 200 caves on Bonaire or take a dip in the underwater world of Curaçao. You really don't want to miss this adventure… Are you curious about island hopping on the ABC islands? Read on for our tips for a great trip to favorite spots.

Versatile Aruba

The long beach in Aruba
The long beach in Aruba

We start on the paradise ABC island of Aruba… The temperature on this island is around 28 degrees and that is certainly not wrong. The most beautiful beaches such as Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are snow white and the sea is azure blue. However, Aruba offers more than just a beach. The island is blessed with a lot of nature that you will not find anywhere else. For the active holidaymakers among us, there are many activities to experience such as various water sports, windsurfing and sailing.

The underwater world of Aruba is definitely worth a dive. Divers and snorkelers can indulge themselves here. There are also many walking and cycling routes and there is also a large golf course. In Aruba you can dine romantically while the sun goes down at Barefoot. This restaurant is recommended if you want something more luxurious to eat out. Enjoy the tastiest snacks and treat yourself to a good cocktail! a relaxed sun holiday or combining Aruba with other islands is really fantastic.

Bonaire in one day

Turtle snorkeling at Bonaire
Turtle snorkeling at Bonaire

Yes it is possible! After seeing Aruba you can discover a large part of the highlights of Bonaire in one day. Normally, many people divide the island into two round trips: a round north and a round south. Where the hilly round North is characterized by cactus landscapes, caves and viewpoints, the flat round South is very colorful with pink flamingos and azure blue views.

For a real uninhabited island feeling, go to 'Klein Bonaire'. Clear blue water and a white beach meet you as soon as you approach it with a boat. You can spend a morning lying in the water, snorkeling and view the beautiful colored fish. If you're lucky, you'll also spot a turtle. Then you can go along Pink Beach towards White Slave. The white slave huts were built as shelter for the slaves who worked on the salt flats. This looks nice, but has a dark past. There are a number of caves on Bonaire where you can swim and snorkel… Prefer to watch flamingos? Then go to the Gotomeer. At the lookout point you can pause to enjoy the view…

Bounty Curacao

Grote Knip, Curacao
Grote Knip, Curacao

Finally, this island is one of our favorites and we tell you why you should not skip Curaçao. For example, stay All Inclusive at the trendy Mambo Beach on Curaçao. This popular sandy beach is ideal for sun lovers. Don't forget to take colorful pictures among the pink flamingos in the Flamingo Area. And the shuttle will take you to Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, in no time. Immediately last minute to Curacao you can really discover this island for a low price. Also explore Shete Boka National Park, a nature reserve with rocks and raging sea.

Of course you should take a look at the underwater world of Curaçao! If you take a look under the water, you will have the chance to spot sea turtles, dolphins, harmless sister sharks and hundreds of other species of animals. We definitely recommend snorkeling at the Blauwe Kamer and Klein Curaçao, but there are also other beautiful places around Curaçao. In total there are more than sixty official snorkeling and diving sites. A large part of it can be reached from the beach, for example from Playa Lagun, Kleine Knip, Porto Mari and Playa Piskado. One of the most famous snorkeling and diving locations is Tug Boat, where the wreck of a sunken tugboat is located. We could go on and on… Are you already convinced to go island hopping on the ABC islands?

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