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Despite being a small country in Central America, Costa Rica is ahead in several respects. For example, in 2021 the republic will most likely be the very first climate neutral country in the world and will be number 1 in the Happy Planet Index. Also noteworthy: the country that borders Panama and Nicaragua and has 4,5 million inhabitants, is a country without military power. In 1949 it was decided to disband the army. Costa Rica, meaning 'Rich Coast', has a Spanish past. The country eventually became part of Mexico in 1821 and then further seceded in 1823. Costa Rica owes its name to explorer Columbus. He thought there were mountains of gold hidden behind the shorelines. In the end, this turned out not to be true, but the name remained.

Coffee Capital San Jose

Costa Rica is full of surprises. Rainforests, cloud forests, mangrove forests or tropical forests, it's all there. If you look further, you will also find volcanic areas, savannas and lovely palm beaches. Capital San José is the sultry 'coffee capital'. Maybe a bit chaotic but a good place to recharge for the onward journey. In the vicinity of San José there are coffee plantations where you simply have to stop for a world cup of coffee.

Let's go surfing!

Jaco is the surf town of Costa Rica. Here you can not only surf very well, but also go to swinging beach parties and lively nightclubs. In Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast you will also find beautiful beaches with good surf spots. Striking in Puerto Viejo are the rasta influences that you encounter everywhere in the town. This makes it a unique place in relaxed Costa Rica.

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