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7 months camping: Dream or Nightmare?

Most people go on holiday for a few weeks and then choose to exchange their luxury home for something more primitive: a campsite for example. Camping can be done in various ways; with a tent, a folding trailer, a camper, a roof tent, a caravan, etc.

We chose to camp. Seven months camping in a converted former DHL truck.

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7 months camping in our camper, an old DHL truck
7 months camping in our camper, an old DHL truck

Camping and suffering

With a teenage son and two large dogs. We also left our house and went Europe in. On to adventure. I myself grew up camping; I went on holiday with my parents for years with the folding trailer. My friend, Ronald, has camped for Defense at night; he also knows what 'suffering' is. My son Leff is less 'normal' with suffering and minimalism.

The rule of 5

The first assignment: 'Pack according to the rule of 5' was hard to swallow. That rule means that we can all take 5 pieces of everything. 5 shirts, 5 shorts etc. Although we have a large camper, space is always a 'thing'. And so we aimed for 'as little as possible'. This turned out to be too much later…. How little a person needs.

Luxury camping vs wild standing

We have had a wonderful journey; by means of France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Germany: seen so many beautiful locations. And camped in various ways: from a luxury campsite with a heated swimming pool to being in the wild and having no facilities. And do you know what the beauty of camping is; it's a cool thing to do in every way. There is no "better" than good when it comes to camping. Camping is just fine. Good for your mind, for contacts with your family, for the appreciation of nature and for your health.

Is camping still fun after 7 months? As far as I'm concerned, yes. I love nothing more than touring around Europe in our motorhome. Any kind of luxury doesn't do much for me. I enjoy everything we do have. And then a hot shower is already a party.

Wild camping in Europe
Wild camping in Europe

Working or sabbatical

Our trip was not a holiday: we 'just' continued to work. My son had a sabbatical from school, but not me from my company† A completely location independent company in which I fulfill my Mission: to inspire and motivate people to get the most out of their lives.

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Two weeks of camping can make up for a whole year: just imagine what a longer trip can do to you. That option doesn't seem to be for everyone.

However, there is often more possible than you think.

During our trip I wrote my book: Travelling, Working & Parenting: Too Crazy or Crazy?!

In this I describe what 'on the road' life really is like. And I share useful tips and experiences. But also a step-by-step plan on how to achieve such a 'mobile income', so that we are location independent and have the freedom of choice to live where we want. The book now costs only €5,50 for a limited time: take advantage of it! 🙂 You order the book below.

What is it for you, camping for 7 months: a Dream or a Nightmare?

I'd like to hear it from you!

Love, Lisbeth

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Liesbeth Uithol (1977) is an expert in creating location-independent business concepts.

With her company NoMadness In My Bus she literally helped many people 'on their way'. They were finally able to realize their dream: more freedom and more travel, but with a well-run business and income.

Together with Ronald Schuurbiers (friend, 1972), Leff Onderdelinden (son, 2008), Obi (rescuedog, 2003) and Woody (rescuedog, 2019) they traveled for 7 months as Digital Nomads through Europe in their former DHL truck. Their next trip is the Silk Route; an overland route to China with the camper.

Liesbeth has one mission: to inspire and motivate everyone who has a dream to make that dream come true.

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