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Becoming a Digital Nomad: Where Do You Start?

The life of a Digital Nomad is about roses, if we are to believe the pictures. But before you get that far…. Because where do you start? There are so many things to think about if you want to live such a seemingly carefree life; you lose your courage even before you start.

Let me just mention some untruths: the life of a Digital Nomad is not all fun. If they want you to believe that; eat them. 😉 They tell nonsense.

In addition: achieving the free life they lead, being able to work while traveling, that is not as complicated to achieve as you now think. The question remains: if it is not such a 'dream' as you think now, but it is also not as difficult as you think now: do you still want to?

Do you still have the desire to become a Digital Nomad?

If so; read on: then I'm going to give you some handles. The life of a Digital Nomad has quite a few snags. And that starts before you 'are' it.

What are you going to do for work?

Perhaps you are now in an employee situation and wondering how on earth you can make money while you travel? What work could you do?

Without knowing you, without knowing what you can and cannot do, I would advise you not to look at what you now know and can do. I would like to advise you to start your own business.

Wait What?! I ask you, in that uncertain journey, to start for yourself as well? Yep. I would like to advise you to start a business based on YOU. On your core values; what you think is important in life. That what you stand for. And based on your Mission: your task here on Earth.

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That way you will do something that you really love to do. If you then repeat that very often and you choose a small market, you will become very good at what you do.

Beautiful: people who are terribly good and who are visible (important addition; nothing as sad as invisible competence) who are well rewarded for what they do. Those are the experts. The world is crying out for experts.

tax matters

Yes okay, I hear you think, but what about taxes? Where do I have to pay tax.

Little consolation: there is always a way to get rid of your money; don't worry. In principle, the rule applies; where your social life is, that is where you are liable for tax. And even if you no longer have a permanent place, you can always find a way. Feel free to watch the video below; a lot is discussed in there.

To keep house or not?

Also such a head breaker; what to do with your house The house can serve as a source of income when you rent it out. You may still see the house as a burden on your leg, but it can become your partner in crime. Your house can ensure that you already have income for your work.

Renting a house is still very interesting. Of course you have to take a number of things into account.

You shouldn't be emotionally attached to the house and think 'Ew, someone else will sleep in my house…' Yes, that's right and that's not even the 'dirtiest' thing someone is going to do in your house. But you will also be rewarded for that: with a nice rental fee.

Do ask whether your current mortgage lender allows rental; there's a good chance that's not the case. Then closing is an option. Your home can help you on your way to freedom: don't underestimate that.

Teaching children

Children have compulsory education. From their 5th year. There are a number of ways to avoid that. That depends on the age (there are more options for their 5th birthday than if they have already gone to school), but there are options.

If your child is already going to school and you want to travel, deregistering from the BRP (Basic Registration of Persons) is the only way. You can then live 'free' for 8 months. A great period to experience whether that traveling life is something for you, for the longer term.

There is a good chance that some of your concerns and issues have been discussed above. Chances are you don't have the answer yet. But that is not necessary. I want you to see that there are options.

In the Challenge More Freedom In Your Life all topics are covered. You will see that there are indeed answers to your questions.

You can register via the link below:

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Anyway: go for that desired life. You're only here for a little while.

Love, Lisbeth

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Liesbeth Uithol (1977) is an expert in creating location-independent business concepts.

With her company NoMadness In My Bus she literally helped many people 'on their way'. They were finally able to realize their dream: more freedom and more travel, but with a well-run business and income.

Together with Ronald Schuurbiers (friend, 1972), Leff Onderdelinden (son, 2008), Obi (rescuedog, 2003) and Woody (rescuedog, 2019) they traveled for 7 months as Digital Nomads through Europe in their former DHL truck. Their next trip is the Silk Route; an overland route to China with the camper.

Liesbeth has one mission: to inspire and motivate everyone who has a dream to make that dream come true.

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