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Location independent living in 2022

Where were you most of the time, in 2021? And what was your conclusion about that situation? If you thought: 'I want to travel more and live location independent in 2022' then I advise you to read on. If you were where you like to be, you may stop reading.

Location independent living

For example, take a look at this video. You can really take a look inside with us, how we live as digital nomads† This is what our house on wheels looks like inside.

Would you location independent going to live in 2022, travel more and take your income with you on a trip? Do you want to live like Digital Nomad† then I will explain to you here how you can realize that. Now, if you're in a location-based position, you'll struggle to think of ways to earn your money when you travel.

And it makes sense that you don't know that: you never had to think about it. Now there are a number of things you can do to come up with a great idea for making money on the go.

Location independent living and working in 2022
Location independent living and working in 2022

Choose a remote function you know

For example, you can choose from the functions or companies that you know can be remote: with which it does not matter where you are when you work. Then you probably come across positions such as VA, Web Designer, Copywriter, Blogger or Call Center Employee.

The above functions can all be location independent and are therefore ideal for your location independent life in 2022.

But; are they also suitable for you? Will that make you intensely happy? Or do you choose 'the least bad' for yourself in this way? None of the features I mention are 'bad'; understand me well. But if you make your choice based on a very limited offer, chances are that your 'dream job' is not among them.

Dream life with a Dream job

Because that's so nice right; immediately make a complete switch in your life: a location-independent life with a dream job. Then you can seriously enjoy life. There is still quite a bit of time involved in work; so make sure you enjoy doing it.

So don't choose from what you know, but start creating from yourself. Build a company that is sustainable based on you, your core values ​​and your mission.

When you are allowed to do work that is based on your core values, what you find important in your life, and your mission, your task in this world, then you will enjoy that work immensely. When you enjoy doing something, you will be happy to repeat it. When you start repeating something, you get better at it.

And that's exactly what the world needs: mission-driven, competent entrepreneurs who take ownership of their lives.

Your location independent life in 2022

That starts today. You can already get started on figuring out what your core values ​​are and what your mission is. The more time you take to build your business before you travel, the more likely you are to succeed.

So use your free time meaningfully and build a company that will offer you meaning and can offer you an independent life in your desired location. Not sure what your mission is and what kind of business to start?

Online training for Digital Nomads
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Work where you want, work when you want: that freedom of choice is pure freedom and priceless!

Discover what your mission is and learn how you can start a business with it that will bring you meaning and an income with which you can start living the life you want.

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Then I will take you by the hand and guide you to the business concept that is made for you and that will make you happy.

Take advantage of your 2022 and work on your location independent life. Don't wait, show ownership.

Love, Lisbeth

location independent living


Liesbeth Uithol (1977) is an expert in creating location-independent business concepts.

With her company NoMadness In My Bus she literally helped many people 'on their way'. They were finally able to realize their dream: more freedom and more travel, but with a well-run business and income.

Together with Ronald Schuurbiers (friend, 1972), Leff Onderdelinden (son, 2008), Obi (rescuedog, 2003) and Woody (rescuedog, 2019) they traveled for 7 months as Digital Nomads through Europe in their former DHL truck. Their next trip is the Silk Route; an overland route to China with the camper.

Liesbeth has one mission: to inspire and motivate everyone who has a dream to make that dream come true.

Seen a mistake? Ask? Remark? Let us know in the comments!

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