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Reasons to become a Digital Nomad

Most people who can travel full-time only needed 1 reason to take that step in their lives: freedom. That's their reason to Digital Nomad to become. Many Digital Nomads have freedom as the main reason for turning their lives upside down. But perhaps freedom for you is not a saving grace; maybe that's not enough reason to reconsider whether location-independent living is for you. I will list some other reasons that might inspire you to take a closer look at your current life.

Is it my wish for everyone to become a Digital Nomad? No definitely not. It is my wish that everyone gets the most out of their life, what is in it. And then you have to have a complete picture of all options and give all those options a real chance.

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To see the world

I often say: “I was made to move, otherwise I would have become a tree...” More places from the world seeing is a very good reason to organize your life location independently. In a normal life, the vacation days are almost never enough to really see all the countries you would like to see. This is possible in a traveling and working life.

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Seeing the world - an important part of Digital Nomads' life
Seeing the world – an important part of Digital Nomads' life

Discovering cultures

Every culture has its own beauties. Where can you discover more diverse cultures than in the countries themselves? Reading about backgrounds of a country is fun, but experiencing a background is even more fun. The media in the Netherlands does not always give a clear picture of the cultures in the different countries. My advice: go see and experience it with your own eyes.

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Meeting people

When you are in another country, you are often much more 'open' than in your own country. You look around questioningly, examining signs that no local has ever read. That open attitude often leads to beautiful encounters. There is nothing more beautiful than talking with hands and feet and being 'taken in' by complete strangers.

Is that not possible in the Netherlands? Yes it is: pretend you are a tourist…..

Experience adventures

In our known system, almost everything is known. What time you get up, how long it takes for the shower to heat up, what time the bus drives by, how many kilometers of traffic there are, how long the washing machine will take, what the neighbor is going to say to you...

There is little surprise left. Little adventure. Do you want more uncertainties in your life and a little more adventure? Pick up your belongings and get going. When you travel, nothing is taken for granted anymore. All daily activities are a great adventure.

Traveling makes you more adventurous
Traveling makes you more adventurous

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Experience your life

Do you really feel that you are alive in your current feeling? Or do you have the feeling that you are being lived? The purpose of life is to live. Not to be lived. When you go into the tension and uncertainty, you will feel that you are alive. As soon as you travel you will experience every emotion intensely. And that gives you that ultimate feeling that you are alive.

Is that just fun? No definitely not. I can also write a blog about why you should NOT become a Digital Nomad. But it doesn't just have to be fun.

You will only experience your life if you know both the valleys and the peaks.

Life as a Digital Nomad
A life as a Digital Nomad has its ups and downs. And that's exactly what you want

You don't really appreciate what makes you happy until you've had a dark darkness.

Perhaps Digital Nomadness has nothing to do with travel. Perhaps it is not 'different' at all. Perhaps this is what you should do; what your nature is. Perhaps an ancestor accidentally 'paused' in a certain place and this eventually became your permanent place.

Maybe Digital Nomadness has something to do with you. What makes you happy. And if so, you only need half a reason.

And with that half reason you start working really hard to start experiencing your life again.

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Keep fighting dear people; for your life.

Love, Lisbeth


Liesbeth Uithol (1977) is an expert in creating location-independent business concepts.

With her company NoMadness In My Bus she literally helped many people 'on their way'. They were finally able to realize their dream: more freedom and more travel, but with a well-run business and income.

Together with Ronald Schuurbiers (friend, 1972), Leff Onderdelinden (son, 2008), Obi (rescuedog, 2003) and Woody (rescuedog, 2019) they traveled for 7 months as Digital Nomads through Europe in their former DHL truck. Their next trip is the Silk Route; an overland route to China with the camper.

Liesbeth has one mission: to inspire and motivate everyone who has a dream to make that dream come true.

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