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DIGITAL NOMAD | The value of time

What is the value of time? An example: 5 years ago I came to the conclusion that just driving ? to and from my rat race work life took up 430 hours of my free time each year ?.

value of time
Value of time

Changing your life

Four hundred and thirty hours. Those are 11 full-time working weeks which I threw away every year. Almost three months! That's an insane amount of wasted time.

Since then I have my life drastically changed. I decided to change my own value of time, from something mindless (driving a car) to something productive.

I was looking for a new job, very close to my home. By doing exactly that, I saved 400 hours of commuting per year, giving me more time to do what I WANTED to do… Play games, exercise or learn new skills like building a website. Things that are more important to me than driving for hundreds of hours.

Location independent

Fast forward a few years and I have this travel website, Wereldreizigers.nl. It started as a hobby to fill that gap of 400 hours of free time. That hobby is now a full-time business. A company with online activities that I like Digital Nomad all over the world, location independent can perform.

It just goes to show that making a simple decision (finding a job closer to home) can turn out to be a life-changing event.

If you ever feel stuck in your life, don't be afraid to make changes.

Just remember: life is short and time is precious. Realize the value of time and don't throw it away.

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