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Vanlife in Albania | This is what you need to know about camping in Albania

Albania, the hidden gem of Europe. We had heard so many beautiful stories about it before, that we were very curious to visit this country. after us vanlife adventure in Greece it seemed to us the perfect moment to discover Albania. How is #vanlife in Albania? In this article we tell you what you need to know about camping in Albania.

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Vanlife in Albania – wild camping is allowed

To immediately fall home with the good news for Vanlifers: wild camping in Albania is permitted. It is very nice when you can find a nice place, you can also stand there with peace of mind without risking a fine. Of course there are some points to consider: you can't just camp in all national parks and nature reserves, at state buildings or on private property. It is therefore certainly useful to ask the local residents.

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Vanlife in Albania – campsites of all shapes and sizes

Would you rather be on a campsite than wild camping? That is absolutely no problem. There are many (small) campsites in Albania. A nice experience, because you can often eat delicious food for a small price. You can easily find a campsite where you can camp (2 people, incl. camper) for €10 per night.

There are a number of more luxurious campsites in Albania, where you can also sleep in a luxury tent, for example. Campsite 'Lake Shkodra Resort' is an example of that. This campsite is located on Lake Shkodra, from where you can explore the beautiful north of Albania. The campsite has its own beach and plenty of options for (paid) activities. So something for everyone in Albania!

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Vanlife in Albania – Our favorite wild camping spots

At the time of writing this article (March 2021), we have only explored southern Albania. We have stood on this place at the entrance of one of the highlights of Albania, the National Park 'Syri I Kaltër'. From this wild camping spot you can drive or hike to the beautiful Blue Eye.

20210306 171519 1 | Albania | Wereldreizigers.nl
Vanlife in Albania | This is what you need to know about camping in Albania 13
IMG 20210308 WA0007 1 | Albania | Wereldreizigers.nl
Vanlife in Albania | This is what you need to know about camping in Albania 14

In addition, we have this place stood in the National Park 'Vjosë-Nartë Delta Protected Area', from where you can take beautiful walks with a view of the beautiful beaches such as 'Porto Novo', 'Zvernec Beach' and the lagoon 'Laguna e Nartës'. We found this place very special and relaxing. The cows and sheep also walk around the camper here. Wild camping is allowed in this National Park.

We wanted to see the beautiful 'Gjipe Beach' (between Himarë and Vlorë) with our own eyes and were curious if we could also get there by camper. But it soon turned out to be impossible. Even with a good 4×4 it is a challenge to get here, so there is an option to hit the Eco camping to stand. We ended up on the access road to this place stood. A parking lot, but with a beautiful view and about half an hour's walk from the beach. We received a visit from the police this evening, but they actually only came to inform us how long we wanted to stay and wished us a pleasant evening. So you see, wild camping in Albania is allowed!

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One, in our opinion, an absolute must-see are the thermal baths of Permët. Weekends can get busy here, with tourists and locals alike eager to enjoy the healing hot springs, but it's a lot quieter during the week. The nice thing is, you can also camp here in the wild. we got up this place† Can't get any closer than that. The advantage is that you can enjoy it in peace early in the morning or at the end of the day!

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Vanlife in Albania – Do it!

In short, we found wild camping in Albania a joy. In addition, the people we encountered in these places or on the road are all very friendly and hospitable. Most people speak a little English and like to have a chat. We have felt more than safe and welcome in all places.

vanlife camping in albania wild camping
Vanlife in Albania | This is what you need to know about camping in Albania 17

Are you curious about the highlights in Albania, which we have already discussed briefly in this article? Check out our article about our 16 favorite Albania attractions for these places and more. Or check this one round trip route for two weeks Albania with one of our colleagues.

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  • Hi! What a nice blog! Do you also have tips for renting a campervan in Albania itself?

  • Good story!
    Albania is also on our list for this year (actually last year already)
    Is it a problem to wild camp with tents instead of a camper?


    • What a great idea 🙂 Hopefully you manage to go that way this year. We didn't see any tents (it was also very quiet), but we think it should be possible. It is about wild camping, it is not specifically mentioned that it is only about campers. Greetings Lisa & Erik

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