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City trip to Bruges and Ghent in Belgium | Have a nice weekend away

city ​​trips, we can't get enough of it. Especially not if you can easily drive to your destination by car and you are therefore not on the road that long. Belgium is certainly a favorite when we want a weekend away, but still The Netherlands want to flee. For example, you can drive from in less than 2 hours Amsterdam to Antwerp and Brussels is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Amsterdam. So now the only question remains: which city is the best to visit and where should you really have been? In this blog we therefore share two nice cities in Belgium to make your choice a little easier!

Cities in Belgium

Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and many more cities can be found in our neighboring country. We chose to go to Ghent and Bruges as you can easily combine these two cities. These cities in Belgium are about a 50-minute drive from each other and are therefore perfect to visit during your weekend trip to this Burgundian neighboring country. During the city trip we chose to stay one night in Ghent and then also one night in Bruges. If you have a bit more time, I would take two nights in both cities, but even during this weekend away we have actually been able to see and taste a lot of both cities.

Belgian city of Bruges

Bruges, a medieval city and also one of the most visited places in Belgium. The city has a lot of cultural heritage and has 118.000 inhabitants. The city's popularity is not only due to its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but also to the typical Belgian atmosphere that you immediately taste upon arrival. Despite today's modern world, the old buildings, squares and streets are embraced by the city. Not only history but also real Burgundian life still finds its way in this favorite Belgian city. Are you a real beer and chocolate lover? Then you've come to the right place and we know for sure that you won't be able to get away from here. In short, Bruges is one of the cities in Belgium that you must visit once.

What to do in Bruges?

I think it is already clear that the city has many highlights and entertaining is very easy here. Just walking through the picturesque streets ensures that your view falls on something different every time. For example, visit one of the nice chocolate shops† Tasting should certainly not be missed, because I'm sure you'll be sold right away. In addition, you are actually not allowed to leave this city before you have attended a beer tasting.

Tip: we are to Homebrewery De Halve Maan been. The most famous beer 'De Brugse Zot' is brewed here.


It is also very nice to book a tour of the beer brewery to learn more about the beer brewing process of this city in Belgium. Besides the Belgian beers and delicious chocolate, Bruges is also known for the Belfry Tower† You can climb this tower of 83 meters high and you can see how beautiful the city of Bruges is from above.

Bruges is not called the Venice of the North for nothing and when you walk through the city you immediately understand why. Just like Amsterdam, you will find many cute canals in Bruges and it is nice to do a boat tour. This way you get to know this city in a different way.

Burgundian Ghent

Ghent, one of the cities in Belgium that, in our opinion, should definitely be on your must-visit list. This city is also known as the flower city and, just like Bruges, has a rich history. For example, Ghent was an important city during the Middle Ages and the city has about 260.000 inhabitants. This modern and trendy city is also very popular among students and you will find many nice cafes and a lively atmosphere in the evening.

Places of interest Ghent

Are you a real art lover? Then you are in the right place in Ghent. But even if you like cool historic architecture and Burgundian food, you've come to the right place. Visit for example Castle of the Counts and discover the history of knightly culture in the surviving mystical fortress. You can also go here to taste delicious Belgian beers. We visited Water house on the beer side and found this a very cozy place. Fun fact: this cafe used to be an old brothel. Just like Bruges, the many canals in Ghent are also not to be missed. For the sports enthusiasts among us it's nice to have a Kayak to rent and by paddling the canals. So are you going to Bruges for a weekend? Then Ghent is also one of the cities in Belgium to visit.

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Also read our extensive blog about a weekend to Bruges and Ghent† Here you will find even more tips for fun sights for both cities, plus our favorite restaurants and hotel.

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