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The grass is always greener with the neighbours, in any case there is more nature in Germany than in the Netherlands. The Federal Republic of Germany may be too obvious as a travel destination for some travelers among us. Shame! Because our eastern neighbors have more to offer than just beer and bratwurst (which there is nothing wrong with, by the way). For example, spend a few days in Berlin, the resurrected city that is now hipper than hip. Or a night of partying in the techno clubs of Frankfurt am Main. No, Germany is no longer the land of fat Germans digging a hole on the beach, today's Germany is cooler than cool!

Summer or winter

In fact, Germany offers too much to choose quickly. We'll try anyway. Grab the car – you'll cross the border in no time – and drive through the beautiful German landscape. On the way you look out your eyes. Beautiful hilly landscapes, forests, castles, mountains, valleys and babbling lakes, Germany loves its nature. And we as well! In summer or in winter, always spaß!

Modern Berlin

The German cities are very diverse. Some cities proudly carry their centuries-old culture with them, others have reinvented themselves and now wear a more modern jacket. Berlin is of course the perfect example of this. The port city of Hamburg, Bremen or the Old Town in Düsseldorf are also definitely worth a visit. Prefer beer and bratwurst? Then join the party during the Oktoberfest, the annual beer festival in Munich in Bavaria. cheers!

Travel Trends - Germany

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