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'Just like in the movies' | European film sets top 10

Whether you're in the cinema, lying on the couch with your laptop on your lap or lounging by your flat screen: when you get sucked into a good movie, you sometimes seem to have entered another world. Nice protagonists, a nice storyline and beautiful environments. Sometimes exaggerated camera work and special effects make it seem so far from our normal lives, while often it is all too close. We take you to ten beautiful film sets / film spots in Europe; so you may soon be able to star in your own scene too.

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1. Rome, Italy | Angels & Demons

In terms of art and culture, the interest in this metropolis is already huge, but during the film Angels & Demons, travelers who have never been to Rome are also surprised with the history-rich art. Director Ron Howard spoiled the charm a bit in an interview when asked how they actually filmed at the oh-so-protected Vatican City. “We were going to film in certain locations in Rome, with the Vatican and other churches in the background,” he says. “But three days before we started shooting, we were told that there had been a meeting between the film commission and some Vatican officials. As a result, a number of our permits were revoked. In the end, we just didn't ask." During the month of filming, they shot in Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Castel St. Angelo and outside the Church of Santa Susanna, among others. Of the Vatican City, Howard says, “With all the technological advances available to filmmakers today, I'm confident we can take the audience on a very realistic and authentic journey behind the walls of the Vatican.” Thanks, Ron. We would like to let this film fool us for a while.

Piazza NavonaRome
Piazza NavonaRome

2. Salzburg, Austria | Sound of Music

The film was released in 1965, but many people can still sing the songs of the Sound of Music without any difficulty. Salzburg already had some fame here and there due to the fact that musical grandmaster Mozart lived here. Sound of Music went one step further. The portrayal of the nun Maria teaching the seven children of Herr von Trapp is touching and stomach-churning at the same time; the latter is the reason why the Austrians didn't want much to do with the film until a few years ago. The Nazi war history was very painful for many. In addition, they thought the Hollywood variant was much too slick compared to the memories they had of the time. affectation? The outside world does not pay much attention to this wry attitude: because of the film, about 300.000 tourists still come to Salzburg every year.

Mirabell Garden Salzburg
Mirabell Garden Salzburg

3. Paris, France | Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain

The French feature film ''Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain'', for the normal person simply ''Amélie'', was shot in the city of love. The humorous and atmospheric storyline about the waitress became a success all over the world. From Japan to America; everyone suddenly seemed interested in a croissant or café au lait. Most of the film was shot in the Montmartre district, about which director Jean-Pierre Jeunet said: ''Life in Montmartre has changed since Amélie. A year ago, the owner of the Café des deux Moulins wanted to sell his business because he had had enough. Now that is no longer the case at all. He gives interviews every other day and the cafe is always packed. The tourist train points to Amélie's cafe as it drives by." Special tickets are also still issued in some places, on which all film locations can be found.

Another film that gave Paris, and therefore especially the Louvre, a boost was the Da Vinci Code. Spectacular action scenes and brain teasers in the museum will make you feel like Professor Robert Langdon in the French capital.

Cafe des deux Moulins
Cafe des deux Moulins

4. London, England | Harry Potter

Typical British restaurants and lovely architecture were the things that charmed author Arthur Conan Doyle when he wrote the detective Holmes series. As one of the most famous Londoners, the sleuth has left his mark. The city has a ''Park Plaza, Sherlock Holmes London'' hotel, you can eat something at ''The Sherlock Holmes'' restaurant and there is a museum that is completely devoted to the Englishman.

But the most famous tour in London is without a doubt the sorcerer's apprentice Harry Potter walk. During this walking tour you will visit everything from the worldwide beloved series of books and films. Visit the magical platform 9¾ where Harry gets on the Hogwarts Express, look for the entrance to Diagon Alley, see the red telephone booth used in The Order of the Phoenix, travel on the London Underground and visit the Ministry of Magic. The die hard fans can still go on after this tour; other scenes of the film were shot in Hertfordshire (The Forbidden Forest), Oxford University (Hogwarts) and Scotland (the railway viaduct for the train journey and the large lake). Wingardium leviosa, plane to London.

Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter
Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter

5. Venice, Italy | The Italian Job

The title already gives it away a bit; Venice is the home base of The Italian Job in the beginning for the remake released in 2003. Chases in small but agile Minis will show you a lot of the beautiful city. The film won the Taurus World Stunt Award for the speedboat chase scene.

For more bucket-list-worthy images of the city, you can also watch the romantic action film The Tourist, where Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp manage to make it a bit more beautiful.

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Campo San Barnaba Venice
Campo San Barnaba Venice

6. Berlin, Germany | Lola Rennt

For many people, Lola Rennt is one of those movies that you probably had to watch during a high school German lesson. As a film, the thriller is a special phenomenon; you see 3 choice moments of the main character, which are then shown all three in 20 minutes. Because of this you get to see a lot of Berlin, so that your protagonist Lola continues to follow with pleasure. It is quite normal that at some point you start to wonder if she will never get tired. Nice detail: it took the filmmakers five weeks to find a supermarket in Berlin where they could shoot the robbery scene. In the end, an Edeka supermarket in Charlottenburg gave in.

The German capital is put in a different light during Bourne Supremacy. Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, brings the entire spy world to Berlin in the second film. Not a single well-known piece in the city is skipped. He runs, flies and drives past Ostbahnhof, Alexanderplatz, the Fernsehturm and the Oberbaum bridge. You may fall in love with Berlin a little less quickly in this film, as the atmosphere is rather grim due to the gory attacks and murder tactics.

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin
Oberbaum Bridge Berlin

7. Istanbul, Turkey | skyfall

In fact, we are used to nothing more from the makers of 007 films than to present ourselves with eccentric and luxurious film locations. Turkey is not new to Bond; From Russia with Love (1963) and The World Is Not Enough (1999) were also largely set in the warm country. Istanbul steals your heart on several occasions, but most of all in the Grand Bazaar during the motorbike chase scene.

Fun fact: Istanbul was actually second choice for the shooting of Skyfall. The preference was for India; this eventually fell through for unknown reasons. Rumors have it that the makers have tried it again in India for the 24th film, due out in November 2015.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar
Istanbul Grand Bazaar

8. Skopelos, Greece | Mama Mia!

Skope-what? Skia-huh? Skopelos and Skiathos belong to the Sporades archipelago, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Greece. Skópelos is full of small churches and monasteries. The island has a total of 360, of which there are 120 in Skópelos Town alone. The romantic film Mamma Mia put an end to the lovely tranquility of these places. Because of the churches, among other things, the two islands in the Aegean Sea are very popular with married couples because of the film. Andreas Palikiras, director of a travel agency on Skiathos, told the French newspaper Le Figaro in 2009 that they were expecting about 300 couples that year. The lovebirds can get married ''Mamma Mia style''. What does all that mean? They are welcomed by well-known songs, say yes in one of the fairytale churches and conclude with a party on the beach. The shops on the islands are also cleverly capitalizing on the hype, selling bridal gowns and blue dungarees, like Meryl Streep wore in the movie.

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Agios Ioannis chapel Skopelos
Agios Ioannis chapel Skopelos

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands | Ocean's Twelve

Our own Netherlands has acquired an international film city with Amsterdam. In addition to countless own productions, there are also a number of Hollywood blockbusters that visit the city. For example, the well-known British spy 007 ended up in Diamonds Are Forever for a diamond smuggling, Brad Pitt and George Clooney hopped along in Ocean's Twelve in several scenes and Rob Schneider makes fun of Dutch culture in Deuce Bigalow.

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Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam
Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

10. Prague, Czech Republic | Mission: Impossible

Eastern European countries always seem to do well in action movies. For example, Tom Cruise and the rest of the film crew traveled to the Czech Republic for a large part of Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol. The team prepares for an operation in impressive Prague, where they will pass by Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, Natural History Museum, Hotel Europa and the Lichtenstein Palace. The narrow streets, the cobbled streets, the baroque buildings and quiet places often featured as film locations. Images were also shot for Van Helsing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Oliver Twist and Casino Royale.

Charles Bridge Prague
Charles Bridge Prague

Do you know of any nice film locations in Europe to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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