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10 fun things to do in Iceland | Make the most of your trip!

Iceland… the land of fire and ice. Prepare yourself for a landscape that seems otherworldly. Iceland lies just below the Arctic Circle, but contrary to the name of the country it is not that cold at all and consists only of 11% ice. Temperatures fluctuate a bit between -10 and 13 degrees. To help you on your way, I have made a nice selection of 10 fun things to do in Iceland.

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Enjoy the ultimate experience in Iceland in the middle of nature and get to know the most beautiful and extreme natural phenomena. There is so much fun to do and beautiful things to see in Iceland. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see everything during your trip. Even the locals don't know all the places in Iceland yet and that says enough   

1. Diving and snorkeling in the Silfra gorge

Put on your drysuit and swim between two continents, namely between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. These plates move further apart about 2 cm per year. The water between the gorge is clear blue and you can see up to 120 meters! The temperature is fairly constant between 2 and 4 degrees. This gorge can be found on the golden circle trail.

2. Whale watching 

There are no fewer than 23 different species in Iceland whale watchingsuch as sperm whales, humpback whales, orca and small porpoises. Summer is the best season to see whales, because that's when most of the food swims in the waters around Iceland. This attracts more species of whales towards the coast. You can also use the cute puffins see them breeding on the cliffs. In winter there are a lot fewer whales around Iceland, but the killer whales and minke whales are present all year round.

Things to Do in Iceland, Whale Watching
Things to Do in Iceland, Whale Watching

The price per person is between 75 and 100 euros and it takes about 3 hours. Believe me; this is well worth the money! It really is one of the best things to do in Iceland.

3. Wellness

Wellness is very important to the Icelanders. You will find swimming pools, hot springs and lagoons everywhere. The Icelanders can be found in the indoor and outdoor pools all year round. The pools and lagoons are heated to 40 degrees by means of geothermal energy. 

The most famous wellness center is the Blue Lagoon, where you can enjoy ultimate luxury; facial masks, massages, a pool bar and a wonderfully warm mineral-rich bath. Do you mainly go hiking in Iceland? Then you can encounter hot springs and even a hot river! 

Things to Do in Iceland, Whale Watching
Spa in Iceland

In the north of Iceland you can find the Lake Myvatn Nature Baths visits comparable to the Blue Lagoon. 

4. Horseback Riding

Get on the strong and friendly Icelandic horses and enjoy a ride through the untouched nature. On horseback you ride along the most beautiful landscapes, along fjords and on the beaches. A fun way to explore Iceland!

Things to Do in Iceland, Horse Riding
Things to Do in Iceland, Horse Riding

5. Glaciers and Ice Caves

Since Iceland consists of 11% ice, you really can't miss a visit to a glacier or ice cave. You can walk on a glacier with a guided tour and/or imagine yourself in an ice cave deep in the glacier. Because of the melting ice in the summer, the meltwater makes passages through the glacier. As soon as the meltwater solidifies into ice again in the winter, these corridors are accessible and you can walk through them with a guide. So you can only visit a natural ice cave in winter, between October and the end of March. 

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As you hike the glacier, enjoy breathtaking views as you move across the iceberg with a pickaxe and crampons. 

Iceland, Cold Cave Glacier
Iceland, Cold Cave Glacier

6. Waterfalls 

Ooh where do I start! of the fun things to do in Iceland, this has to be a favorite. There are about 10.000 waterfalls in Iceland and they are all beautiful and different. Some waterfalls are almost 200 meters high and others are low but 100 meters wide. In the north of Iceland you have two impressive waterfalls called Dettifoss and Selfoss where our neighbors recently wrote a nice blog with many photos. There are even waterfalls you can walk behind! Don't forget your rain gear

Waterfalls - Fun Things to Do in Iceland
Waterfalls – Fun Things to Do in Iceland

7. The Northern Lights 

The northern Lights spotting… Definitely one of the best things to do in Iceland. Who wouldn't want to experience this natural phenomenon? In Iceland you have come to the right place. You have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights between September and April. You have to be lucky with the weather conditions. 

Northern Lights Spotting in Iceland
Northern Lights Spotting in Iceland

8. Geysers

In southwestern Iceland, you can admire the geysers in the Haukadalur Valley geothermal area. Every 5 to 10 minutes, the Strokkur geyser shoots huge jets of boiling water up to 40 meters high! So make sure you're not too close

A geyser in Iceland
A geyser in Iceland

9. Traditional food

I am always very curious about the local dishes that a country has to offer. Traditional Icelandic cuisine revolves around fish and lamb dishes. You can enjoy really fresh ingredients in Iceland; the fruit and vegetables are even grown in greenhouses using geothermal energy. So be sure to enjoy the delicious traditional dishes. It's fun, tasty and real Iceland!

Delicious traditional food in Iceland
Delicious traditional food in Iceland

10. Reykjavik

Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland and has about 123.000 inhabitants. Compared to other capitals, this is of course very little. That does not alter the fact that Reykjavík is a super fun and touristic city. Go shopping in the shopping street Laugavedur. Here you will also find nice restaurants and cafes. Don't feel like going out for an expensive meal? Then try the Pylsur, also known as the hot dog. Icelanders are super proud of their hot dogs and even call it the national food. They are so special and delicious, because they also contain lamb and the sauces and onions are delicious.

Don't forget to visit Hallgrimskirkja either; the largest church in Iceland. Interested in sniffing culture? Then go to the national museum or Perlan museum and learn everything about Iceland, the culture and natural phenomena. 

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