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Design and fashion. Fresh pasta and creamy ice cream in all colours. Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Smooth guys and stylish ladies. In the Boot of Europe you will find too much to mention. Italy has been a favorite holiday destination among the Dutch for years. Rightly so! The Italian culture with all its passion and temperament is something to envy. The rich history of the Romans still flows through the country every day. A visit to Rome takes you centuries back in time. But Venice, Genoa or Naples and, further south, Sicily are also places where time seems to have stood still. Do you feel more for a trip to the Italy of the here and now? Then fashion city Milan is the place to be!

The most beautiful region in the world

Where to start? Perhaps in the capital Rome, where on every street corner you will encounter a historic building with the Colosseum as an impressive highlight? Or maybe in Venice, the romantic city built on water? Relax at Lake Garda where you can sunbathe for hours along the water. Then we have Florence with all its cultural treasures. And Rimini, the famous seaside resort on the Adriatic coast. Or simply taste wine in one of the most beautiful regions in the world: Tuscany. Every beginning is a good start in the land of complete football madness and bad Italian disco.

Scene from The Godfather

Do you prefer to ignore the cities? Then travel further south and discover the splendor of Sardinia, Sicily or Palermo. Certainly in Sicily it seems as if you are walking around the set of The Godfather. You have to be able to withstand the heat here, in the summer it is bloody hot.

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