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After the break-up of Yugoslavia, the Republic of Macedonia was officially proclaimed in 1995. This led to great frustration and annoyance among their southern neighbors. The Greeks believe that they have an exclusive right to use the name Macedonia and that it is inextricably linked to Hellenic (Greek) culture. As a stalemate, the UN suggested temporarily renaming Macedonia FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia), but this name is not accepted by everyone. This riot continues to this day. Because of all the fuss about this, we almost ignore the fact that Macedonia is a beautiful country with beautiful mountains and many beautiful lakes where it is wonderful to stay. Lake Ohrid in particular has a rich collection of flora and fauna that you will not soon get bored of.

Picturesque nature

Not been to Macedonia yet? Shame on you! Because this country with its picturesque nature and age-old traditions is a gem among the European Balkan countries. The warmth and cheerfulness that the people here in the Balkans radiate is simply unique. Walk around the capital Skopje and you will immediately know what I mean. Cozy terraces and nice bars in an atmospheric city that is overflowing with cultural treasures (despite two earthquakes and devastating wars). The world famous Stone Bridge is a sight in itself.

Diving in Ohrid

Macedonia has another shining diamond in the house with the city of Ohrid. The old town is located on Lake Ohrid and is known for its Byzantine monuments. Not in the mood for culture? In the lake you can dive to a village that was once swallowed by the water. A special experience completely submerged. Kumanovo, Bitola and Tetovo (with the Painted Mosque) are other beautiful cities where you should definitely make a stopover.

Vineyards and Golem Korab

The landscape in Macedonia is a feast for the eyes. The rugged mountains and lakes are surrounded by incredible greenery. It is therefore best to cruise through the country with a car. For example, take a wine tour through the 30.000 hectares of vineyards. Along the way you will encounter medieval monasteries, three nature parks and the mountain Golem Korab.

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