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10x the nicest nature houses in the Netherlands

Now that we have been able to discover a little more of our beautiful little country, we went looking for the 10 nicest nature houses in the Netherlands† In this blog we highlight accommodations from in the middle of nowhere to right on the water and from sleeping in a converted church to sleeping in a brand new Tiny House. For those who want to get away from it all and are looking for a unique location in the middle of nature. Whether at the beach or in the woods.

Nature house in Lekkerkerk

This beautiful nature house is located opposite the world famous Kinderdijk, famous for its many windmills and world heritage sites. Rotterdam and Gouda are easily accessible from this area. In the nature house you have a private wellness with infrared sauna, a Turkish steam shower and a bubble bath† Open the patio doors and you'll be right on the water's edge. At that moment you absolutely do not think you are in the Netherlands. Setting the alarm is recommended, because you can see the sunrise from your bed. Of course, the house is fully equipped. Luxury and top notch! What more could you want during a staycation in nature houses in the Netherlands?

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nature houses in the Netherlands
From the hot tub you look over the water

Nature house in Ven zelderheide

Certainly one of our favorites: the nature house in Ven zelderheide. Do you also get excited about glamping sites with a little bit of adventure? We do! In this nature house are you sleeping in a dome in the middle of nature† Everything in the dome is super luxurious with coffee and tea making facilities, a pellet stove with cozy benches, a rain shower and a deck where you can enjoy the view.

nature houses in the Netherlands
The dome is super stylishly decorated

Nature house in Epe

This is a super unique place on the Veluwe near Epe. This is one of the nature houses in the Netherlands that is located on a private forest plot† The cottage itself is about 75m2 and the plot is over 2100m2. A nice side effect is that the nature house durable built and gas-free. This accommodation is super nice to share with friends or family. It has 3 bedrooms for 6 people and fun activities have also been thought of. For example, there is an outdoor stove where you can make pizzas, a trampoline, a swing and there are 4 kickbikes available. Not to mention the beautiful walks (including wildlife spotting) you can take here!

The environment around the nature house makes it really unique

Nature house in Weesp

Going back to the basics for a while?! For the real backpackers among us, there is also one in these top 10 nature houses in the Netherlands unique experience on the water† Here you will sleep in a classic hiker's cabin built on a raft. The cabin is accessible from both the water and the land (which is of course so handy). You can book a canoe for € 40 per night with which you can sail on the Vecht. In addition to canoeing, you can fully enjoy the tranquility and surroundings in this nature house. You don't need anything else here either!

Sleeping in a cabin on the water. A real bucket list destination!

Nature house in Vinkeveen

Now that we can't sleep on an island in the Philippines of Indonesia we choose sleeping on a private island in the Netherlands† what? Yes, a private island of about 10 meters wide and 60 meters long. In about 10 minutes you sail to the island where a nature house is waiting for you where you sleep in a four-poster bed. On the veranda you look out over the water and you can light a fire. This nature house also has a barbecue and suppboards! You can also rent a boat for €50 per day.

If this isn't pure enjoyment?!

Nature cottage in Norg

The town of Norg is located in a wooded area in Drenthe, 20 minutes away from Assen and Groningen. Just like the other nature houses in the Netherlands, you can really get away from it all for a while. Mega plus points of this nature house is the location, the outdoor sauna and the hot tub. From all rooms (with French doors) you have a view of the garden. In short: a perfect environment for relaxing, walking and cycling.

The outdoor area that borders directly on the house.

Nature house in Koudum

This super nice nature house is located on a small campsite in Friesland. You sleep here in a brand new Tiny House which is super stylishly decorated. You can enjoy the green view from your mini private terrace. And in the evening you climb a staircase where you can sleep well in a wonderful bed!

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This Tiny House is in the middle of nature

Nature house in Breukelen

Another lovely nature house in the Netherlands that directly adjacent to the water† This nature house is located on the Scheendijk in Breukelen, between Amsterdam and Utrecht. So you can easily look up the crowds, but sleep peacefully. With an electric pound (or with your own boat) you sail 50 meters to the house, which is surrounded by wooden jetties and garden. It is fully equipped and really beautiful!

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nature houses in the Netherlands
Here you can enjoy a sunny day!

Nature house in Ouddorp

This super nice nature house is located 10 minutes (300 meters) walking distance from the beach old village on the island Goerree-Overflakkee in Zeeland. You have all the privacy and tranquility here with a cottage in the middle of the dunes, near the lighthouse of Ouddorp. It is a holiday resort for 8 people with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 outdoor shower and 1 cedar sauna. You will definitely never want to leave here!

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nature houses in the Netherlands
This villa in Ouddorp is located in the middle of the dunes

Nature Cottage in Peins

Our last, favorite nature house is located in Peins and is a converted church† This gives the accommodation a unique character! From the cottage and the terrace you look out over the green landscape. In the area it is nice to visit the port city of Franeker. This is about 5 kilometers away. You can also go to Leeuwarden within 10 minutes by car.

nature houses in the Netherlands
Formerly a church, now a beautiful nature house.
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