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City trip Netherlands – The nicest places in our own country

Do you want to immerse yourself in a new environment without spending too much money or taking vacation days? Then a city trip in your own country is a good idea! You don't have to travel far to enjoy a nice trip. But what are the nicest cities in The Netherlands† We give you our top 6, but of course there are many more nice places for it city ​​trips in the Netherlands.

Breda, North Brabant

Nothing beats the Brabant cosiness of Breda. After living in Breda for 2 years as a student, I can assure you that the city is packed with nice cafes, restaurants and terraces! Wander around the old town, take a city walk along the various street art or go shopping.

As a local you naturally come to places that you as a tourist don't know about, that's how I discovered the Markdal, a place where you can walk beautifully in nature. Close to the Markdal is Bouvigne Castle, of which the Brabantse Delta water board is the proud owner. The diversity that Breda offers makes it the ideal place for a city trip in the Netherlands. 

City trip Breda
Bouvigne Castle, Breda

Flushing, Zeeland

For a city trip by the sea you have to be in Vlissingen. A visit to this port city can be perfectly combined with one of the many beautiful beaches in the area. The city center itself is not necessarily very special, so what does Vlissingen offer? An incredibly rich history that you can see everywhere in images and art. And don't forget the showpiece of the city: the 2 kilometer long boulevard where you can relax for a nice drink after a day of shopping.

Tip:: Don't miss the Zeeuws Maritime MuZEEum during your city trip in Vlissingen. 

The cozy harbor of Vlissingen

Nijmegen, Gelderland

Nijmegen is an old city – the oldest in the Netherlands! – with a young vibe. You should definitely visit this city during a city trip. In the historic center of Nijmegen you will come across old monuments, picturesque streets and houses with stepped gables. Meanwhile, the city is bustling with a large amount of (international) students, young entrepreneurs and great events. The annual four-day festivities, also known as summer parties, are the major attraction of this city. For the rest, the atmosphere in Nijmegen is very chill, it feels a bit like a village in the shell of a city.

City trip Nijmegen
The historic center of Nijmegen

Maastricht, Limburg

If you go on a city trip to Maastricht, it is almost as if you are abroad. Not only the hilly landscape of South Limburg, but also the accent and the Burgundian cuisine take you completely away from home. In terms of shops, there is something for everyone, from small boutiques to large department stores. There are also plenty of nice restaurants and trendy coffee shops when you need a break.

If you have time, it is definitely worth taking a few days for Maastricht and its surroundings. For example, in addition to visiting the city, you could take a roadtrip can do on the Mergellandroute and can take beautiful walks over the rolling hills. Or visit the caves nearby Valkenburg.

City trip Maastricht
Maastricht photographed from the Maas

Amersfoort, Utrecht

Amersfoort may not be the first place you think of for a city trip in the Netherlands, but it is still worth a visit to this city. Secretly, Amersfoort is just the slightly smaller version of Utrecht with its canals, beautiful facades and beautiful historic buildings. But just a little more magical.

The most famous attraction of Amersfoort is the coupling port, this medieval gate gives access to the old city center. What makes the Koppelpoort unique is that it is the only place in the Netherlands where a land and water gate are combined. The gate was built around 1400 to protect the city from outside people.

Amersfoort (NL)
The Koppelpoort, Amersfoort

Groningen, Groningen

Finally, Groningen is on the list of popular places for a city trip in the Netherlands. You should actually stay here at least one night so that you can experience Groningen student life, when everything is possible again of course. And trust me, you really don't have to be a student to join the party.

Tip: Rent a bicycle during your city trip in Groningen. There is a nice cycling route that takes you along the most beautiful places and sights. This route passes the Noorderplantsoen, the Reitdiephaven, the Martinitoren, nice courtyards and cozy cafes.

City trip Groningen
Student life in Groningen

So plenty of nice places to choose from. Where is your next city trip going? We are curious!

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