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Weekend away in the Netherlands

You don't necessarily have to travel far to experience the ultimate holiday feeling, The Netherlands is packed with nice spots and accommodations for a weekend away. The advantage is that you never have to travel more than a few hours and you can always do it in between. We give 5 tips for a nice weekend away in the Netherlands.

weekend limburg
Limburg hilly landscape

Weekend away in South Limburg

South Limburg is known for its beautiful hills and is a great destination for a weekend away. Make a mini roadtrip through the beautiful Mergelland and drive past the picturesque villages, which alternate with meadows and forests. You will immediately notice that Limburg feels a bit foreign due to the hilly landscape and the architectural style of the houses. In addition, Limburg is a culinary province where enjoyment is central, so don't skip the regional products!

Of course you can take beautiful walks and bike rides in the Limburg landscape. And because the highest place in the Netherlands is located here (Vaals), this is usually also one of the first places where snow will fall. For example, last December we drove to Vaals especially to see the first snow of the year. Yup, that may sound crazy but as snow lovers it was doubly worth it. 

Did you know that there are even vineyards in Limburg? A special destination for a weekend away! 

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weekend hotel
Hotel with bath

Hotel with jacuzzi in the room

Do you want to escape the crowds and relax for a weekend? Then a hotel stay is always good. Sleep well in a different bed and let yourself be pampered with room service. Are you also ready for warmth and wellness? Then a hotel with jacuzzi in the room even tastier. This way you can fully enjoy yourself in peace and fully recharge. Complete your evening by ordering a bottle of wine or bubbles. A hotel with a jacuzzi in the room is ideal for a romantic weekend away with your partner.

Winter Efteling

A visit to the Efteling is always fun, but especially during the winter months. During these months you can enjoy a winter theme full of warmth & cosiness. The fairytale forest has been transformed into a winter paradise with snow and Christmas decorations. Thousands of twinkling lights and the wintery Efteling music complete the atmosphere. You can also warm up at one of the bonfires while enjoying winter delicacies.

Because the closing times of the Efteling have been brought forward to 17.00 p.m., you only have a limited time to visit the park. An overnight stay in the hotel or at the holiday park is therefore extra nice. This way you can take your time during your weekend away to discover the enchanting Winter Efteling.  

Tip: put on thermal clothing during your visit to the Winter Efteling. The temperatures are usually very low and you regularly stand still for a longer period of time.

weekend beach house
Beach house Ameland

Rent a beach house

Nothing is better than waking up in nature with a beautiful view of the sea. You walk out the door and step into the sand with your bare feet and then get a breath of fresh air. Who says you have to go to a tropical place to experience this feeling? This is simply possible in the Netherlands by a beach house to rent!

Although beach houses are seasonal (only available in spring, summer and autumn), it is still smart to look ahead. Beach houses fill up quickly and are often booked more than a year in advance.

Beach houses can be found on the Dutch coast from Ameland to Zeeland. Rent a beach house and enjoy a special weekend away where you fall asleep to the sound of the waves. 

Weekend away in the Veluwe

The Veluwe is one of the most popular nature reserves in the Netherlands and therefore an ideal destination for a weekend away. Unwind in nature, take long forest walks, bike rides and breathe in the fresh air. The landscape in the Veluwe varies from vast forests to sandy plains, moors and streams. With a bit of luck you will even spot animals such as a roe deer, red deer, fallow deer or wild boar during your visit to the nature reserve.

In terms of accommodations, you can go in all directions in the Veluwe: from Bed & Breakfast to a luxury holiday home or boutique hotel, there is something for everyone. Besides being able to enjoy nature in the Veluwe, it is also nice to take a cultural trip to one of the Hanseatic cities: Elbur, Hattem or Harderwijk. Oh and don't forget to taste regional products during your weekend away in the Veluwe!

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