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Living on a boat | Two weeks?!

Mother's Day visit planned, super relaxed atmosphere and a working solar panel. Little
things make it very beautiful. With my eyes half closed, I look into the bright sun and hoist a fender onto the deck. We're sailing again. After three working days on the side, it's over again. Some consultations here and there, but that can be done digitally on board.

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Living on a boat
Living on a boat

A day or three-four on the road

We sail to my hometown. Some family lives there and we will have coffee with a good friend. Since it's almost Mother's Day, we take the opportunity
usage. We will be on the road for three or four days. A tourist route with both
there as back an overnight stay, somewhere to eat and of course that bunch of flowers to

"Do you know we've been on the road for two weeks now?" my friend asks as soon as I get to the wheelhouse
come in. 'Already?' I ask. He sails the boat away from the jetty as if he had never done anything else. I unzip one of the tent flaps and feel the summer breeze replace the mild gasoline vapor for fresh air. 'I'd rather call it 'indefinite time'' I think aloud as I fasten the now rolled-up tarpaulin.

Living on a boat
Living on a boat

I remain indebted to my captain's reply. In the meantime I move into the forward cabin
(that sounds like a lot, but it's only three steps) and have a conversation under the
engine noise is not possible. I plug in the charger and watch the screen
from my smartphone lights up. It's so obvious. Last week I was still swearing
and scolding my belly under the floor looking at a battery that said: do it yourself
but, now the whole power plan works as if it had never been different. What a joy.

Appreciating little things

It's so nice to see that small things can suddenly be great. A battery is
may be a costly purchase, but it does make us independent. But outside of it
material for: that beautiful nature in the morning and afternoon, that relaxed feeling in you
body, that rest in your head ... that's what makes it. But isn't that also obvious?

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Sem de Labri

My name is Sam and I am 33 years old. Three months ago I made the choice to give up my house and live on my boat. Together with friend and dog, on about 12 square meters. We live in a region in the Netherlands and sail from place to place, we continue on holidays and we spend the winter at a permanent place in a marina.

I love to write and I like to do that on board. Especially now that I have more space in my head because I have fewer financial worries, have gotten a more relaxed life on the water (of course with ups and downs because many things are new) and also have to work less. My ultimate dream is to make a living from writing and no longer be location-bound, so that I can go wherever I want with my boat, possibly combined with a camper.

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