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Must Sees in Portugal | Beautiful beaches, cities and culture

Do you want to get into the holiday mood this summer despite the Corona crisis? In this article I write about a number of must sees Portugal† Get your ticket to the country where Cristiano Ronaldo comes from, Portugal! Yes yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, but this country has more to offer than just beautiful men. The pleasant weather, the delicious food, but above all the beautiful beaches and the nightlife will ensure that you will have an unforgettable time in this country where it is bursting with culture.

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1. Lisbon

Of course, the capital of Portugal should not be missing from the list of must-sees in Portugal and it is therefore at the very top. Lisbon is as they say in Portuguese Impressionante or great and this city certainly is!

From Eindhoven you can reach this city in about 3 hours. When I arrived in the capital, the first thing I did was eat a delicious Amorino ice cream. What is so special about this ice cream is not only the taste, but also the shape of a flower! You can go out in Bairro Alto. Portugal is cheap and I must say I love it! But it can all be done even cheaper. Tip: are you a student? Then take your student card with you and take advantage of discounts.

art lovers, don't miss LX Factory! This is the hotspot where all artists, art lovers and bon vivants come together. Also at LX Factory you have a bookshop called Ler Devagar. Here we got to know an Italian artist and inventor named Pietro Proserpio who showed us all his inventions. This made it very fun and interactive!


LX Factory also has a beautiful rooftop bar where we chilled out with some locals.

2. Port

Porto is amazing, amazing, well actually I just don't have words for it. The city center is definitely one of the must-sees in Portugal. When I think of Porto, I think of so many beautiful memories. Porto is less touristy than Lisbon and slightly cheaper, and to think that Lisbon is already dirt cheap. In Porto you stay with PILOT Design Hostel & Bar† This hostel is a real travel hostel, has the perfect location and also a chill terrace and a bar. ching ching, time to party! In addition, I had to say that it is super clean and that the beds are chill. Nice food in a local tent? Literally every day I could be found in cafe Almada!

Porto, Portugal
Porto, Portugal

I want to shout it from the rooftops and I'm not exaggerating, but oh how amazing it was. This pearl is literally 1 minute away from Pilot Design Hostel & Bar. A menu consisting of rice, fries and meat or fish for 3 euros? Yes, one carbohydrate bomb, hello or bomb dia, SO WHAT? You are on vacation! We were so excited that the owner saw every day that we brought new tourists to his restaurant. Support the locals :).

This link takes you directly to PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

You can spend 5 days in Porto anyway, because there is a lot to see. So put on those walking shoes and get out there. First of all, São Bento train station is a must see. Hundreds of tourists come here every day to admire the beautiful tiles.

These are not ordinary tiles, but this is just art! and the earth without art is just ehhh? Next to the train station, of course, you have the famous Luis I Bridge. Here we chilled in the afternoon and evening. We got some snacks and sat down by the bridge at sunset. Meanwhile we saw a show of local guys jumping off the bridge and giving a little show.

Sunset in Porto, Portugal
Sunset in Porto, Portugal

Of course they did this so that we, the tourists, would give money. We have not contributed to this, because I absolutely do not encourage such dangerous practices.

Green, greener, Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. You should not miss this park if you want to escape the busy city for a while. Go to the local bakery and get your snacks. Then get a glass of wine and let's chill!

Park in Porto

Another tip for book lovers, Bookshop Livrario Lello & Irmao† I like bookshops very much, it gives me peace of mind! Bookshop Livrario Lello & Irmão is one of my favorite bookshops. It is very beautiful and also usually busy (a downside unfortunately).

Tip: go early in the morning so you can take your time. You can also get the perfect Instagram photo here (without other people if you go early). The entrance fee is around 3 euros. If you buy a book, you will receive a 3 euro discount.

3. Lakes

When I arrived in Lagos, I knew immediately. I will stay here longer! Did I mention I'm super bad with roads? Google Maps indicated it was only a 10 minute walk from the station. After 1 hour I arrived at the hostel. The nice thing about Lagos is that there are super beautiful beaches and you can also party well! Not that Albufeira atmosphere, but just enjoy! The relaxed vibe and beautiful beaches make it one of the must sees in Portugal.

Lagos, Portugal
Lagos, Portugal

It is now a household name in Lagos, Bon Vivant! In Lagos everything is within walking distance and that is chill, because in the evening you can hop from one tent to another. Bon Vivant is always busy and for a reason. Both the locals and the tourists know that you will have a nice evening here. Entrance is free.

Good to know is that Lagos is slightly more expensive than Lisbon and Porto, but is still cheaper compared to the Netherlands. For an overnight stay in a hostel you pay an average of 13 euros per person per night.

4. Sagres

From Lagos we made a trip to Sagres. We left by bus. Fun fact is that Sagres is the most southwestern point of Europe! Once we arrived we were busy taking pictures and it was spectacular! The rough rocks, the beautiful sea. Definitely one of the must sees in Portugal. The bus driver had indicated that the bus would leave in half an hour, but what happened?

Sagres, Portugal
Sagres, Portugal

The bus left literally before our eyes after 25 minutes. And the next bus would leave 3 hours later! HELLUP. Luckily some Portuguese ladies were kind enough to help us and drop us off in town. The ride was very short in my opinion, but that was more because we had a guitar in the car and everyone sang along. Now that I'm writing this I want to go back to Portugal.

Portugal Espere por mim (wait for me)

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