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Slovenia travel advice | Traveling in times of corona – What do you have to arrange?

The latest travel advice for Slovenia | Are you thinking of traveling to Slovenia in corona time? Do you want to know what the current rules are and what the latest travel advice for Slovenia is? Then you have come to the right place in this article. With the holidays ahead, we will give you weekly updates about the countries you can travel to. The destination Slovenia is becoming more and more popular so now might be the time to go!

Latest update: 07 July 2021.

Tip: Because the travel advice is constantly changing, we advise everyone to check for the latest travel news our Facebook page to follow. Then you can always quickly see when important changes occur while on the road.

UPDATE 07 July 2021: Only one shot of various vaccine variants is now enough to enter Slovenia, provided it has been administered at least 22 days before entering Slovenia. Make sure you install the CoronaCheck app and add your vaccination in it. You can read exactly how you do that in the article about the Set up CoronaCheck app.

UPDATE June 23, 2021: Slovenia will go YELLOW as of tomorrow June 24th ?. More information can be found in this news item.

Update June 22: The entry restrictions and quarantine rules for Slovenia have changed. However, the color code for Slovenia is still orange. Only travel to Slovenia if necessary. If you travel from Slovenia to the Netherlands, you must have yourself tested before departure and you will be urgently advised to quarantine for 10 days when you return home. If you only travel through Slovenia by car to, for example, go to Croatia To go, you can drive through the country without tests, but you will have to fill in Slovenian entry forms. More information about this can be found halfway through this page.

Update June 02, 2021: Several changes were made on May 30, 2021, which can be viewed at this website.

Quarantine obligation lifted for orange, yellow and green countries
From May 30, 2021, a person coming from an area not on the red or dark red list will be allowed to enter the Republic of Slovenia without reference to home quarantine. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is currently (June 2) on the red list.

However, it is plausible that in the short term there will only be no later than 15 June (because that is the duration of the current rules in Slovenia, new relaxations will be announced. The Netherlands is currently scoring very well and would fall into the 'green zone' with a new update.

Update 20 May 2021: The campsites and hotels in Slovenia may per May 21, 2021 open again. Campsite owners must monitor the crowds themselves, a maximum of 70% of the places may be filled by guests. For hotels, a maximum of 50% of their rooms may be filled.

Traveling to Slovenia in corona time

Tip: Curious about what Slovenia has to offer? It Triglav National Park is in our top 15 most beautiful National Parks in Europe!

Travel restrictions in Europe

When you want to go on holiday in Europe, you should of course first ask yourself which country is open to tourists, and under what conditions. Chris has already traveled with his 4×4 camper to Switzerland during corona time† Experience shows that this can be done well, if you are well prepared. Today we take travel to Slovenia in corona time a closer look. The current measures ensure that it is possible for travelers to enter the country and we expect this to become even smoother in the coming time.

Slovenia Entry Restrictions

In Slovenia, travel restrictions apply to residents and travelers from the Netherlands. The reason is the number of corona infections in the Netherlands.

When you enter Slovenia you must be able to prove that you do not have corona. You do not have to be quarantined upon arrival in Slovenia. There may be one more quarantine obligation when you return to the Netherlands.

  • have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result or negative antigen test result. The test result, issued in a Schengen country, must not be older than 48 hours.
  • can show a positive COVID-19 PCR test result that is older than 21 days but not older than 6 months.
  • can demonstrate that you have had 2 doses of the vaccine Biontech/Pfizer or Moderna or 1 dose of Janssen or AstraZeneca against the coronavirus in a Schengen country and can show a certificate of this. The time of the second vaccination with Biontech/Pfizer must have been at least 7 days, with Moderna at least 14 days, with Janssen at least 14 days and with AstraZeneca at least 21 days.

If you have only received 1 vaccination and you can demonstrate that it has not been more than 8 months since you had COVID, you may also enter Slovenia.

Can you not show one of the above proofs or do you not fall under an exception category that you can find on the website of the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior (information in English), then you must be in home quarantine for 10 days. You can get tested on day 5 after arrival to shorten the quarantine duration.

Note: the Slovenian government strictly monitors compliance with this rule.

For more information, please visit the website of the Slovenian Ministry of the Interior consult (information in English).

Pre-arrange travel to Slovenia

Most countries in Europe expect you to have a negative PCR test result can hand over. It is therefore very important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the destination country beforehand. We would like to explain below exactly what you need to arrange before you travel to Slovenia. First of all, check the most up-to-date travel advice for Slovenia on the website of netherlandsworldwide.nl.

PCR test (not older than 48 hours)

Everyone from the Netherlands, older than 15 years, must present a negative test result at the Slovenian border. This test result should not be older than 48 hours. So you will have to plan well where you will travel to Slovenia in times of corona. In the Netherlands, these tests are quite expensive. You pay between 130 and 150 euros. You will not have a negative test result if you have contracted Covid-6 in the past 19 months and have been cured or fully vaccinated. You must of course be able to demonstrate this. If you cannot meet one of these requirements, you must enter Slovenia upon arrival in quarantine for 10 days† You can find all information about traveling to Slovenia in corona time on this website find.

Update June 02, 2021: these are the most recent updates with possibilities to be admitted in Slovenia. This is what you need at a minimum:

A PCR test certificate:
A negative result of a SARS-CoV-2 virus test by a PCR or HAG test not older than 48 hours after the Pap smear.


A proof of vaccination against COVID-19:
Showing that the following time has elapsed since vaccination:

– At least 7 days after the second dose of Comirnaty by Biontech/Pfizer or;
– At least 14 days after the second dose of any of the following vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccine by Moderna or Sputnik V by Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology, or CoronaVac by Sinovac Biotech, or COVID-19 Vaccine by Sinopharm.
– At least 14 days from the single dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen by Johnson and Johnson/Janssen-Cilag;


Evidence of a positive PCR test result:
That is older than 10 days but not older than six months including a doctor's statement stating that they have recovered from COVID-19 and that no more than six months have passed since the onset of symptoms.

UPDATE 06 May 2021: Vaccinations while traveling has a nice offer that is worth considering. Instead of 139 euros per person, you now pay 109 euros per person, provided you take the PCR test with at least 2 people at the same time. The offer is mainly intended for families or groups. You can immediately make an appointment for the test via the button below.

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Entry Form Slovenia

In addition to the negative test result, you must fill out online form before crossing the border. They ask for your personal details, passport number, residence address in Slovenia, date of arrival and date of departure and which countries you have been to in the past 14 days. You may use this form print out as a save to your phone† At the border they will ask to show this form. on this website you can fill in the form. First choose what applies to your trip.

The most up-to-date travel advice for Slovenia can be found on the website of netherlandsworldwide.nl

During your stay in Slovenia

Slovenia is also doing its best to maintain the corona virus. Is the travel advice for Slovenia positive again and have you been able to arrange everything well in advance? Then you can check the most current rules this website find. The general rule is 1,5 meter distance and a face mask requirement. As a tourist, stick to these rules and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer!

Mandatory masks

Mouth caps are mandatory (for everyone over 6 years old) in all public spaces and in the public transport† You must also wear a mouth cap if you cannot keep 1,5 meters away. In addition, you are expected to wear a face mask in the car when there is no single household.

Campsites closed for now

In May 2021, all campsites and bungalow parks will be closed for the time being. You can well in a hotel† Hotels with max. 30 rooms may be open to guests. It is expected that relaxations will be announced in May. Obviously, we'll be monitoring this closely and updating the page when the time comes.

Update 20 May 2021: The campsites and hotels in Slovenia may per May 21, 2021 open again. Campsite owners must monitor the crowds themselves, a maximum of 70% of the places may be filled by guests. For hotels, a maximum of 50% of their rooms may be filled.

Current situation restaurants/sights

With only a positive travel advice for Slovenia in corona time you are not there yet. What's open? In any case, shops and gas stations are open as usual. Terraces are open between 7 am and 7 pm. A maximum of 4 people can sit at one table. Furthermore, beaches and museums are open. Theaters, cinemas and amusement parks are closed for the time being. Relaxations are expected in mid-June 2021.

Weather and climate in Slovenia

The summer months (June, July, August) in Slovenia are wonderfully warm! You can expect it to be around 30 degrees. Naturally, the temperatures in the mountain areas are much lower. Incidentally, you can also expect nice temperatures in September. Just as we are used to in the Netherlands.

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