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In Eastern Europe we find one of the two countries that formerly formed Czechoslovakia: Slovakia. This country is surrounded by neighboring countries Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria and of course Czech Republic† In this wooded country you will find a large number of attractive excursions. For example, you can choose to visit the Slovak cities or to immerse yourself in nature. Slovakia is a pleasant travel country with locals who often show you the way with a big smile. The opinions of visitors to Slovakia are often miles apart. One is completely away from the small villages without a significant tourist industry, the other abhors it because of the dullness. The answer to who is right cannot of course be given, but what you can say is that it all depends on the lens through which you look at the country.

Fairytale Bratislava

Bratislava is the illustrious capital of Slovakia that proudly carries the Bratislava Castle as its symbol. This fortress is an eye-catching castle built on the hills on the Danube. The St. Elizabeth church is also an absolute must in this fairytale city. Slovakia has a few more cities that contain the typical Slovak atmosphere. There are the cities of Kosice, Presov, Nitra, Zilina and Trnava.

The High Tatras

This national park is truly a feast for the eyes and a special experience for every traveller. It is not for nothing that it is the most visited area in Slovakia. Not only will you find the highest mountains in the country, the Carpathians, you will also be breathless by beautiful views and you will encounter a very large diversity of flora and fauna. Moreover, the mountain lakes in this park are really beautiful. Many caves are hidden in the lower part of Tatras. This 'Slovak Paradise' is therefore very suitable for daredevils who have no problem with ravines and dark caves.

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