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Barcelona vs. Madrid | El Classico

Barcelona and madrid. Most men among us no doubt immediately think of El Clásico and the battle between Messi and Ronaldo. But Barcelona versus Madrid is more than football. The two cities are also each other's major competitors in terms of culture, history and appearance. Ideally you would like to visit them both. But what if you have to choose? To make the choice a bit easier, we organize our own Clásico. Barcelona or Madrid, which one Spanish city ​​takes off with the full profit?

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Of course, when you are in such a beautiful city as Barcelona or Madrid, you want to be able to enjoy shopping† And of course, both cities are crammed with quaint shops, boutiques and huge shopping malls. So where is the best place to shop and score beautiful clothes or nice gifts? Barcelona is known as one of the most attractive shopping cities in the world. El Corte Inglés and Avenida del Portal de l'Angel are the places where you can buy almost everything your heart desires. And Madrid? The same story. Here you will find hip neighborhoods with a range of trendy shops. The only difference is that Madrid comes out a bit cheaper than Barcelona. Barcelona is the most comprehensive shopping city, Madrid scores points on affordability. Because we think you like to have as much choice as possible and during a weekend in Barcelona your credit card works wonders, Barcelona wins this one by a small difference: 1-0 to Barca.

Sun and sea

Barcelona beach
Barcelona beach

Madrid is sweltering and glowing with heat. Temperatures here easily reach over 40 degrees. A day of strolling around in the middle of summer often means liters of sweat and sloshing armpits. If you go just outside the high season, Madrid is a lot more pleasant. In Barcelona it is also warmer than warm in summer, only here you can flee to the beach at the end of the day to relax on one of the terraces by the sea. The beaches at Sitges are especially easy to do. Madrid has to make do with a half-baked beach, which is actually a fake beach on a rippling river. Barcelona win this one on his slippers, 2-0!


art madrid
art madrid

You might think that Barcelona has the most art in house. Error! Madrid has three of the most famous art museums of Spain: Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza. Both Prado and Reina Sofia are free to enter. 'Free' is unthinkable in Barcelona. Bonus points for Madrid! Barcelona does its best with the Picasso museum, among others, but it is clear that Madrid wins on artistry. The capital is scrambling back to a 1-2 deficit.

Food & Drinks

tapas madrid
tapas madrid

Both cities are not inferior to each other in terms of fast food. That is perhaps the great advantage of fast food, that it can be found all over the world. But when we talk about food & drinks, we naturally mean the better restaurants and tasty variety of food. If you want good food in Barca and skip the touristy fixed price of boring daily specials, you will have to search well. Because Barcelona seems more focused on easy food for the casual tourist than tasty delights. Madrid has better organized its culinary affairs. In every neighborhood you will find a variety of restaurants with delicious food. The tapas are excellent and the diversity of dishes inexhaustible. Madrid tied the score: 2-2.


park guell
park guell

The Sagrada Familia and those other beautiful Gaudí buildings: Barcelona shows its architectural class with gusto. On every street corner you look out on beautiful buildings, Gothic buildings and atmospheric churches and cathedrals. The whole city seems permeated with impressive architecture. Madrid has to make do with its equally beautiful buildings, especially in Madrid's Broadway, the Gran Via. It is clear, Barcelona is back in the lead: 3-2.

Going out

going out madrid
going out madrid

This is going to be a tough one. Because both cities love a party. Barcelona packs a punch with big clubs and bars. You can party effortlessly from Friday to Sunday, no problem. But where Barcelona has to rely on the enormous size of the clubs, Madrid knows how to handle it even better. In the capital you can party in entire neighborhoods and streets until the late hours. The cool nightspots can be found everywhere. Everyone is on the street with a drink in their hand, swinging to the lazy beats that pop from the many bars. Difficult choice but atmosphere and ambiance do the trick. Madrid overtakes Barcelona again. 3-3.


Festa Major de Gracia
Festa Major de Gracia

Who will run off with the win? When it comes to events and entertainment, only one city can win. Of course, the other also has enough to offer monthly, if not weekly. Think of carnival, art events such as Estampa or the famous Christmas market. But unfortunately Madrid can't match as much as there is to do in Barcelona. Sporting events, unparalleled concerts, film festivals such as Docs Barcelona, ​​or parties such as Festa Major de Gracia, it seems as if the city is turned upside down every day. You will not be bored for a day. And so it is Barcelona that, after a few perilous moments, manages to take the win at the last minute: 4-3!

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Psssst… But just between us: a real one world traveler as you know of course better… A little more save up and then just visit both cities!

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  • I choose Madrid anyway ;). I've lived and worked in Barcelona for a while and it's just not quite my place..



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