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from Life (#vanlife) in Pandemic Times (@vandemics), that is what we do! We, Sandra (32) and Adriaan (31), travel straight through with our camper Fordtress (16) Europe, looking for the most beautiful places. Taking a 12-month sabbatical had been on our minds for a while bucketlist. and corona has not stopped us from this. We would like to take you into our experiences, share tips and show you that corona doesn't have to be an obstacle to the real thing #vanlife.

Vandemics, who are we?

As mentioned, we are Sandra & Adriaan from Amsterdam. Together with our Ford Nugget camper called “Fordtress” (16) we have been on the road since the beginning of November 2020. Fordtress originally comes out Germany and is fully furnished by the German motorhome builder Westfalia. In 2010 she went to The Netherlands moved and since August 2020 in our proud possession.

From Silk Road to Europe route

Not knowing that Corona would have such an impact as what we know now, our first sabbatical plan was to train the Silk Road to Asia to lay off. When the stories came about stranded passengers, we decided: the train variant outside Europe must be adapted. Started from the thought "what is possible", we quickly arrived at a camper. Because: with this you can go where you want and above all it is easier to apply social distancing.

Sandra has been through a camper for a while at the age of 18 Australië traveled, but for Adriaan it is a new adventure. An adventure that we both like to face and where we don't see Corona as an obstacle but as a reason to most beautiful places in Europe to discover!

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Fordtress, #vanlife
Fordtress, #vanlife

Buying a campervan

Fordtress is the first motorhome we bought together. It soon became clear to us that – no matter how beautiful the self-built campers are – we did not have the time to get started ourselves. So it became a search for a "ready-to-use" camper. For evenings we scoured the internet, looking for the camper of our dreams. And we found it!

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Three tips to find a suitable #vanlife camper

  1. Decide whether you want to furnish a camper yourself or whether you buy a furnished camper;
  2. Test different (type) campers! We have rented a camper for several weekends ("camptoo" is an air-bnb platform for campers, so an ideal way to explore the market) to experience what you do or don't want in a future camper;
  3. Have an independent purchase inspection take place if you buy a second-hand motorhome. We bought our motorhome through Marktplaats, but by taking a purchase inspector in hand, we have largely covered the chance of a bad buy. The costs for a purchase inspector far outweigh the costs of a possible bad purchase.
@vandemics' Fordtress - Tips for buying #vanlife camper
@vandemics' Fordtress – Tips for buying #vanlife camper

Our travel plans: with a van through Europe

So together with Fordtress we travel through Europe. We are currently touring the sunny Algarve in Portugal† Because let's be honest: how nice is it to walk around in shorts and a t-shirt at the beginning of December? We will stay here for a while because we expect an important postal package one day. What that is, and what our journey looks like, we'll share in the upcoming update!

Algarve, Portugal
Algarve, Portugal

That we for wereldreizigers.nl We consider it a huge honor to be allowed to blog in the near future! We will therefore regularly write about our adventures on wereldreizigers.nl and our own website. Do you want to read more from us? Then take a look at www.vandemics.nl or follow us on Instagram (@vandemics).

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VANDEMICS - Adriaan & Sandra
From Life in Pandemic Times
We travel Europe with our little camper from named Fordtress!
One year sabbatical
Currently in Spain

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