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Switzerland is still regarded as a quiet and stable country, situated between many other European neighbours. Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein all border this country of over 8 million inhabitants. We know the country mainly because of the many mountains and the excellent winter sports options. But Switzerland is also a very popular holiday destination in summer. The cities are modern yet carry a rich history. Switzerland does not have an official capital. Bern has been designated as the federal city of the country.

Versatile Switzerland

Switzerland is the land of modern cities with cozy medieval centers, enormous glaciers, green Alpine meadows, hundreds of ski slopes and high mountain peaks with eternal snow. Of course, the world also knows the country for its watches, cheese and chocolate. The country may not be large with more than 41.000 square kilometers, but it does have a wealth of versatility.

Main Cities of Switzerland

Switzerland is easy to travel and therefore a great destination for both young and old. The main cities are Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne and Lugano. The atmosphere you taste in the cities is reminiscent of the Austrian and southern German environment. Still, the Swiss are generally a bit more business-like and calmer. But make no mistake, in every city the nightlife is well looked after. The country has a long history, which is reflected in the buildings, castles, squares and architecture in every city.

Swiss nature

Well, the mountains are of course the business card of Switzerland with the Matterhorn as the literal highlight. The Alps largely determine the image we know of the rugged landscape. Ruinaulta is the Grand Canyon of the country, while Les Mosses offers ice diving. If you like winter sports, the many ski areas here are the cream of the crop for every snowboarder and skier.

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