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15 great holiday villas in the Netherlands with swimming pool!

In 2020, many Dutch people found out that it is actually quite nice to go on holiday in your own country in a holiday home 8 people† This is especially the case if you rent a holiday home with a swimming pool. A rent a villa in the Netherlands with a swimming pool is certainly possible, for example by choosing one of the examples below. 

Marina Park Volendam 6

Volendam is a beautiful village to visit anyway, so why not just go there on holiday? You can then choose Marinapark Volendam 6, which is a holiday home that can accommodate 6 people. 

Resort Maastricht 18

Going on holiday with eight people? Then choose Resort Maastricht 18, which is highly recommended. Not only can you enjoy a swimming pool here, but you can also explore this beautiful Limburg city. 

Buitenhof De Leistert 4

In Limburg it is also possible to opt for Buitenhof De Leistert 4 if you would like to take a dip in a swimming pool. This holiday home can accommodate 13 guests, who can sleep in six different bedrooms. 

Holiday park Crimea 3

With a large group on a group holiday? De Krim 3 holiday park is without a doubt a good option, which is a villa on Texel that can sleep no less than 20 people. 

Texel coastal park 2

We will stay on Texel for a while, which is also why Kustpark Texel 2 is a good choice if you would like to swim during your holiday. This holiday home can accommodate six people. 


Spankerbos is a villa in North Brabant where eleven people can sleep, while you can also enjoy your own swimming pool here. That is real luxury!

Residence Wijngaerde 7

Are you going on holiday with a total of four people? You can then choose Résidence Wijngaerde 7, which is a luxury villa in Zeeland. It also contains two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Recreation park Beekbergen 6

In Gelderland you can of course find many accommodations with a swimming pool, including Recreatiepark Beekbergen 6. This holiday home can accommodate six people in a total of three bedrooms.

Dune villa Noordwijk

If you want to enjoy luxury during your group holiday, then you need look no further than Duinvilla Noordwijk. In addition to a swimming pool, you can also use a jacuzzi and sauna in the garden.

Villa Dune

In North Holland you will find Villa Duin, which can accommodate eight guests. In total there are four bedrooms and two bedrooms that the group can use in this holiday home.

Villa Tegelen

You also have your own swimming pool if you book a stay in Villa Tegelen, which is located in Limburg. It can sleep 12 people. 

La Grande Maison Douce

With a large group on holiday is possible in La Grande Maison Douce, where sixteen people can sleep. Plus, enjoy the indoor pool during your stay!

Residence de Leuvert 6

If you would like to go on holiday in North Brabant with six people, then Résidence de Leuvert 6 is a must, which is really a luxury villa. Pets are also allowed!

Villa Didam

You will find another beautiful villa in Gelderland, which is called villa Didam. It can sleep up to 14 people, while it is again allowed to bring pets during your stay. 

Estate De IJsvogel 11

With Landgoed De IJsvogel 11 we will stay in Gelderland for a while. This holiday home is suitable for two people, so you can relax here with your loved one. In addition to a free-standing bath, you can also enjoy a sauna and sun shower here. 

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