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Traveling with your company? 5 unique destinations for an incentive trip

Worked hard all year and finally that Christmas reward: a box of cheese, breadsticks and sausage. That can be different! Rewarding your employees with a unique journey has much more impact. Visit one of these unique destinations with your colleagues, or check Edgeplore for more inspiration.

1. Greenland

Greenland is a destination that most likely none of your colleagues have ever visited. Shame! Because Greenland is definitely an impressive adventure. In winter you can see the Northern Lights almost every evening. During the day you cross the endless ice caps on a snowmobile or hike over one of the beautiful glaciers. In the evening you sleep with your team on the ice cap, a night to remember!

2. Jordan

Jordan has the ultimate mix of beautiful nature and unique culture. You walk all day in the area around the Wonder of the World Petra, and you drive in 4×4's through the beautiful Wadi Rum desert. Staying overnight in this desert is a real highlight of a trip to Jordan. Something to celebrate? In Little Petra, the tables are set and you can enjoy a special dinner show. Jordan has it all!

wadi rum bucket list jordan
Traveling with your company? 5 unique destinations for an incentive trip 4

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3. Albania

Albania is a destination that you may not immediately think of. Not surprising, Albania was not accessible to tourists for a long time. Fortunately, this has changed, because Albania has a lot to offer. How about 4×4 driving through the pristine Albanian landscape? Or wild camping on the beautiful Albanian beaches. Team building? They know that in Albania. Race against colleagues on a supboard with 8 people or coach a colleague while driving blindfolded 4×4 on the beach. The adventurer will certainly get his money's worth in Albania.

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4. Estonia

Estonia is perfect for celebrating an anniversary. During the day you race against your colleagues in rally cars. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner together during a dinner cruise. Looking for peace in nature? Then spend the night in one of the many forest huts and hike through the beautiful swamps. Enjoy this festive destination together. 

5. Slovenia

Slovenia is an absolute top destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many great activities to do in both winter and summer. In the summer you go rafting, canyoning or hiking through one of the beautiful nature reserves. In winter you can ski or raft in a boat with your colleagues from the slopes. You spend the night in very pleasant accommodations that are equipped with every luxury. Slovenia is the destination for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. 

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