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The five most beautiful countries to live abroad

Do you dream of emigrating abroad? Or do you want to combine a new job with a long-term stay? Of course there are in The Netherlands also beautiful places to live, but how cool is it to find your own place in a new, foreign destination. In this blog we tell about the five most beautiful countries to live abroad.


Do you like long summers, lots of sun and a warm climate? Then is Spain a very suitable country for you. The sunny weather conditions in combination with the coastal climate ensure a pleasant stay. And if it gets too hot during the day, you can take an example of the adaptability of the Spaniards. The siesta was created for a reason, but ensures that you can relax during the hottest hours of the day.

The beautiful streets of Madrid in Spain
The beautiful streets of Madrid in Spain

Living in Spain is a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. Buying an apartment, bungalow or villa is very attractive, while the cost of living is also lower than in the Netherlands. Of course, the big cities, such as Barcelona or Madrid, are a lot higher in terms of prices than the less popular or sparsely populated regions of the country.


America, or the USA, is very diverse in terms of climate, landscapes and environments. The large area of ​​the country offers a variety of climates: from a subtropical warm climate to a cooler tundra climate. Perhaps no other country is even so diverse, so that there is a suitable place to live for everyone. Due to the size of the country, it is also more spatially divided than the Netherlands. Highways, residential areas and lots are more spacious, with exceptions, which can give you a feeling of space and tranquility.

A typical American house with an American Pickup
A typical American house with an American Pickup

In addition to the various climates, there are more differences in the area of ​​living and working in America compared to the Netherlands. In America, for example, there are much larger differences between rich and poor and insurance and taxes are arranged very differently. America is also known for its endless possibilities – the “American Dream” – and there is certainly a lot to discover in the field of work and development. Are you thinking about move to America† Then Transpack can support you with all customs formalities and shipping your household effects.

New Zealand

New Zealand has been known for years as the most beautiful country in the world. And we understand why! The overwhelming landscape offers peace and space, the inhabitants are social and accessible and the country gives a great feeling of freedom. No wonder so many people dream of immigrating to this beautiful place in the world.

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Stunning New Zealand Landscape
Stunning New Zealand Landscape

The official language in the country is English, which makes emigration a lot easier. If you want to qualify for a visa, you can apply for a temporary student visa, a Skilled Migrant Visa or a visa for an indefinite period. However, the process is complex and lengthy, so start early with information about all options. You can contact the embassy or an emigration specialist, such as Transpack.


White beaches, a blue sea and warm temperatures. although Curaçao part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the climate certainly does not resemble that of the Netherlands. Other differences are slightly less drastic: Dutch is also spoken in Curaçao and people even pay with the (Antillean) guilder. If you want to move to Curaçao, there is talk of emigration. However, that does not mean that you can emigrate to the country without preparation.

White beaches and blue sea in Curaçao
White beaches and blue sea in Curaçao

As a Dutch citizen you can stay on the island for a maximum of 6 months without a special residence and work permit. However, if you want to stay permanently, you must deregister in the Netherlands and register in the population register of Curaçao. When you have taken all the steps and are actually going to move, you can choose to move your household effects and belongings with you. The cheapest option is to use sea freight. This will take several weeks, but is by far the cheapest option. With Transpack, an international moving company specialized in emigration, you can move from Amsterdam from €272,- moving to Curacao.


A destination that is very different from the rest in this blog, but certainly no less beautiful. Bee Sweden you quickly think of IKEA, Swedish balls and crispbread. But Sweden has much more to offer than that, namely a lot of peace, nature and space. And if you don't want too much peace and quiet, cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg also offer a lot of beauty.

Peace and space in Sweden
Peace and space in Sweden

To stay permanently in Sweden you can use the right of residence for EU citizens. This right of residence applies if you are an employee, entrepreneur or student or if you have sufficient means to support yourself. In order to be able to register in the population register, you must be able to demonstrate the above. In addition, other taxes or rules apply in Sweden in the field of buying/renting a home or, for example, primary education for children. A big plus is that free language lessons are offered through their own Swedish municipality to master the Swedish language. 

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