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Avoid powerful booking sites | How to book really cheap hotel rooms

Can you still book a hotel and really save something? All those booking sites are all the same, right? Meanwhile, Expedia and Booking.com are making billions of euros in profit. How does this work and why would you want to avoid it?

Major players in the market

Those who want to book a hotel often go to the well-known booking sites such as Booking.com, Expedia and Trivago. It's that easy and it often works perfectly. They spend their assets on extensive advertising campaigns and can therefore be seen really everywhere. And they pretend to charge competitive prices.

Where do the millions of euros that the major booking sites spend on marketing come from? They also make billions of euros in profit. How can they make us believe we are the cheapest?

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Ask yourself: how is the price built up?

To answer those questions we need to know how the price is built up that we see when we use a booking platform.

A hotelier joins the platform. He has to do that, otherwise he is almost impossible to find. By working with a major booking site, he is also at the mercy of their enormous power. Suppose a hotelier wants XNUMX euros for a room, then that is of course not the price we pay. There is also a considerable amount of commission on top of the booking site, which also determines the amount of this commission itself. After all, because they are so large, they have insight into how many hotel rooms are still available in a certain city or region. They know whether there is scarcity or not.

Even higher commissions in case of scarcity

And because they have this knowledge, it can happen that in the event of scarcity even more than the usual twenty to 25 percent commission is added to the room rate that the hotelier wants to receive. Sometimes fifty or sixty percent! They need these high commissions to fund their advertising campaigns and keep their shareholders happy.

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Locktrip is a new player

How do I book the cheapest hotel room? Of Locktrip.nl for example.. This new booking site does not charge high commissions. So immediately about twenty to 25 percent off the price. And sometimes even fifty to sixty percent! It is possible that the price is the same as, for example, Booking.com, because they then stunt the price at a specific hotel. In that case, almost no commission is charged. This doesn't happen often, because the billions have to keep flowing in of course.

Successful without marketing

It is not surprising that you have never heard of Locktrip. The company was only founded in 2017 and has not yet done anything about marketing. After all, the website must first be well developed, remove the teething problems, before you want to present it to the general public. That is now being started. Locktrip has already been noticed at webjet.com.au† This listed Australian booking site is enthusiastic about the innovative way Locktrip can keep hotel prices low and has since taken a stake in the company.

They will also offer these lower prices on their platform. By the way, Locktrip will never spend millions on marketing, because those costs have to be paid by the users in the end. And that's exactly what they don't want.

Blockchain technology

What is their revenue model then? Locktrip is a company that uses blockchain technology. It is precisely because of blockchain that intermediaries are eliminated and a different revenue model is created. This is all behind the scenes and as a user you can ignore that. Just like with those other sites, you just pay with your credit card.

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Locktrip will experience enormous growth in the near future and will become much better known. After all, who wouldn't want to save a lot of money on exactly the same hotel room that you see on the major booking sites.

Click www.locktrip.nl and sign up. With your first booking you will receive an extra 5% discount on the already low price! The code for 5% discount on first booking = ZHDJ4

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