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This item is indispensable in every travel suitcase

Anyone who travels regularly will undoubtedly use a packing list† These can often be found ready-made on the internet, but as you travel more, you often adapt this packing list to your own way of traveling. For example, if you like to travel with a camper, you need different gear than if you go backpacking in Asia for five months. And your travel group is also very important on the packing list; with young children you take different things with you than when you go on a city trip with a friend. What should not be missing in any travel case, however, is a small but handy item that can be used for every destination and which can be worn by both young and old. What are we talking about? The sunglasses naturally!

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Why should sunglasses not be missing when traveling?

Wherever you go on a trip, sunglasses are always handy. When you visit the snow, it is useful to wear sunglasses so that you are not blinded by the reflection of the sun on the white snow. If you go out with a camper, sunglasses are useful while driving. And if you have a beach holiday, the use of sunglasses speaks for itself. In addition, a sunglasses ladies or men's sunglasses, of course, just a beautiful fashion item.

Why should you wear sunglasses?

First of all, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Harmful UV rays can damage your eyes temporarily or even irreparably if you look too much into the sun. In other places in the world the radiation is sometimes more harmful than in the Netherlands, so the sun can be very treacherous. In addition, you also wear sunglasses to protect your sight on the spot. A low sun while you are driving your scooter through the mountains can be life-threatening, if you do not see a crossing goat coming. You wouldn't be the first to be blinded by the bright sunlight and have an accident. You therefore also wear sunglasses for your own safety, but also that of others.

What kind of sunglasses are best to bring?

No sunglasses are the same and some are better suited for use in the snow than in the sun, but otherwise there are not many 'rules' in the field of sunglasses. Of course it goes without saying that when you wear glasses in everyday life, you go for prescription sunglasses. But the rest is completely up to you. A pilot glasses, wooden sunglasses, glasses with a different cool frame; everything is allowed. When you travel, do not opt ​​for too expensive sunglasses (or take out good travel insurance!), because you would not be the first to leave your expensive sunglasses in a crowded bus or accidentally put them in a hotel room on those same expensive sunglasses. 

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