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Las Vegas or Macau? These are the main differences

Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia. Gambling fanatic? Then you must have been here once. But with more than 40 casinos, it becomes difficult to visit them all on a short vacation. Las Vegas is a city known for its casinos, shows and famous hotels like the Bellagio Hotel. Macau and Las Vegas are always in the top as the best gambling cities in the world, but why? Are you curious about the biggest differences between these cities? Then read on quickly!

What will it be, gambling or gambling?

Since the legalization of online gambling in the Netherlands (source: https://casinoscout.nl/online-gokken/) games of chance have become a lot more popular. As a result, the number of Dutch visitors who visit Las Vegas to take a gamble has increased. After all, it is fun to try out internet games in real life. Choosing between Las Vegas and Macau is like choosing between gambling or gambling. Whoever goes to Las Vegas or to Macau comes there to gamble. There is, however, a difference in approach. Las Vegas is known for being a fun destination that combines gambling. It's not for nothing 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. However, Macau is a destination where the gambling takes center stage and the rest adds up.


Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada has been around since 1905 and became a city in 1911. Everyone knows Las Vegas by name and especially from the presence of the many casinos and forms of entertainment. The neon lighting can be recognized from afar from the desert that surrounds the city.

Macau has been around since 1557 and is today an administrative region of China. That is comparable to Hong Kong. The big difference with Las Vegas is that Macau was only elevated to a gigantic gambling complex much later. It was not until 2002 that the focus was placed on the construction of casinos, hotels and large resorts. Growth has been rapid. Especially if you consider that in 2007 there was already more gambling turnover in Macau than in Las Vegas

What attracts people more?

Las Vegas probably has more appeal to most people compared to Macau. This is of course because Las Vegas appeals more to the imagination. For example, who has never heard of The Strip? That is the most famous part of Las Vegas Boulevard. This is where most hotels and casinos are located. It is therefore logical that Las Vegas appeals more to the imagination.

Moreover, it is a travel destination where you can experience adventures. This way you can easily make a trip from Sin City to the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter ride over the city and the desert.

Macau is less known to the general public and that makes this destination even less popular. If you've never heard of Macau then you really don't know what there is to experience. The public that is familiar with Macau is usually also familiar with gambling in an online casino. These are people who are interested in the world of gambling and know Macau better in that context.

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