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Outfit that provides support and comfort for the female soccer player

In many countries, it is the most prominent women's team sport and one of the few women's team sports with various professional competitions. Women's soccer is becoming more and more popular, even more popular than some men's events. At the beginning of the 21st century, women's football is already very similar to men's football in terms of professionalism and the popularity of the sport is still growing. Hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold during the 1999 Women's World Championship. The Orange Women will soon be heading towards the UEFA European Women's Championship 2021 (2022) for qualification the UK, the women's soccer tournament matches at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo and all upcoming friendly matches. 

As women's football gains in popularity, so do the aspects related to it. As a female football fan it is important to always start fit and to be able to perform optimally during the match. This includes wearing the shoes and the right outfit. This only works differently in women's football than in men's football. Every woman struggles with the fact that the bust has to be carried while playing football. This part of the body is sensitive and can experience pain if not treated properly during sport. This is why the sports bra was invented! 

Why play football with a sports bra?

The Sports Bra gives you the kind of support you know you can count on. Soft, smooth fabrics, elastic straps and firm support ensure everything stays in place. Specially designed sweat-wicking technology helps you stay dry and comfortable. 

Football is an extremely physical sport, and it can even get a little rough at times. That's why high-quality sports equipment is essential, and so is your sports bra! Football is known as a sport that involves high energy and quick, sudden movements, making it challenging for players as well as clothing. A sports bra high support for women is an essential piece of equipment for football players of all levels. If you play soccer regularly, you need a high-impact sports bra that provides control. 

A high-impact activity like a full women's soccer game requires the best sports bra. The main considerations here are that it can effectively control breast movements and that it is made of moisture-wicking material. Other requirements include a smooth, streamlined design that won't slow you down, plenty of coverage for every bust, and a snug yet comfortable fit. A simple bra top won't do the job. 

Football in style

Appearance and style of a female football player has also become essential in football sport. That is why not only football boots but also sports bras are increasingly stylishly designed and part of everyday life. Afraid of see-through and a bust that is clearly visible during exercise? A sports bra padded is lined with a padding so that the hard nipples are not visible and the breasts are nicely supported and shaped during the football match. Hate loosening and fastening the underwear at the back? 

Also for the sensitive athlete

Recently had an injury as a result of a foul during a football game may require additional sports tape or other sports support equipment to be able to perform optimally. These are also available for the bust of the female football player. The compression bra with front closure is designed for the woman who has recently had breast surgery. This one sports bra without underwire ensures an optimal repair process, which is essential for optimal performance. The compression bra can also be worn immediately after an intensive breast operation such as a breast augmentation or reduction or after a breast-saving operation.

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