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The different accommodations you can book

Do you want to book a holiday, but are you still in doubt where you want to go to sleep? You have the choice to sleep in different accommodations both in the Netherlands and abroad. You can bring your own, remember the...

Working from paradise, something for you?

Traveling is a dream for many people. Not only as a holiday, but also as a lifestyle. The digital nomad is a good example of this. A new way of working that is location independent. That is possible from Lapland to...

The best party for physiotherapy in Leeuwarden

All that traveling not only makes you tired, but you can also experience some muscle and joint complaints. Have you been backpacking regularly? This is of course the best way to see a lot of the world, but you do...


The five most beautiful countries to live abroad

Do you dream of emigrating abroad? Or do you want to combine a new job with a long-term stay? Of course there are also beautiful places to live in the Netherlands, but how cool is it to live in a new...

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