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Traveling to Slovenia this summer? Don't skip these spots!

Slovenia is often seen as a hidden gem of Europe. After a quick Google search you will see that most visited places in this country consist of Lake Bled, Ljubljana and the famous Postojna caves. However, there are many more beautiful places to see in this country that a lot of tourists unfortunately miss. If you are looking for the best regions to visit in Slovenia this summer, don't skip this list.

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If you go on holiday to Slovenia, we can definitely recommend going by car. The country is about half the size of the Netherlands, which means that you can explore every corner within a week by car. If you drive from the Netherlands, you can possibly stay overnight. In any case, take regular breaks and switch drivers if possible. This way you can take a break to take a nap or seek distraction at the Casino777 slots† Another option is to rent a car in the country itself. However, keep in mind that rental prices can be quite high in the high season and sometimes three times as high as during the normal season.

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Goriška Brda

For wine lovers, this region is definitely the Slovenian paradise. The Goriška Brda wine region has beautiful rolling hills and vineyards that stretch for miles. In the summer this is a real hotspot where you can go from vineyard to vineyard. At these vineyards you can of course taste delicious local wines while enjoying the sun. In addition, there are several beautiful hiking trails and cycling paths in this area.

Triglav National Park

For those who are really looking for Slovenian nature, Triglav National Park, named after the highest mountain in the country, is the ideal day trip. One of the first sights that you should not miss in this park is Slap Peričnik. This stunning waterfall consists of two parts, which means that you cannot see the upper part of the waterfall from the road. There is a hiking trail on the left side of the waterfall. If you follow this hiking trail, you will arrive at the top of the lower part of the waterfall after about fifteen minutes.

You can then follow the road further to the upper part of the waterfall, which is about a fifteen minute walk. Are you really sporty? Then you can try to climb the mountain Triglav. Allow two days for this and book your overnight stay in the mountain hut in advance. Don't forget to set the alarm early so that you can admire the sunrise at the highest point in Slovenia.

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Vincent Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge, or Vintgar Gorge, is a very impressive gorge. The water has done its best here over the centuries. The result is a beautiful piece of nature that is easy to walk on thanks to the bridges and hiking trails. The gorge is about 2 kilometers and it is an ideal sight to visit on the same day as Bled and Bohinj, the two most famous lakes in Slovenia.

The coast of Slovenia

You may not have even noticed, but Slovenia certainly has a coast. Although the coast cannot be compared to countries such as Spain of Italy, it's worth a visit anyway. The small town of Piran is really worth a visit and from Piran you can even visit other places on foot or by bike, such as Portorož. If you have a car, you can also drive past Koper and Izola. You can of course also swim on the coast, but don't expect endless sandy beaches. Slovenia mainly has pebble beaches and from a number of beaches you can enter the water via the pier or stairs from the sidewalk.

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