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Take an online gamble from your caravan

One likes long walks on the beach, watching the sunrise after climbing a high mountain, browsing the best restaurants or tanning at the pool. The other likes a solid game of good gambling.

Fortunately for the last people, this can also be done on holiday, provided you have coverage, of course, because online gambling can no longer be ignored today! Not only is this super easy, it is also a good pastime when you have another 3 hours delay at the airport! In this article we tell you how you can play your favorite games of chance from any holiday destination.

Want to know where you can gamble reliably online? Look here for a nice overview online casino bonuses in The Netherlands!

Online casinos

With the rise of online gambling, gambling has never been more accessible. Where you used to have to pull out your most expensive and most beautiful tuxedo or prom dress to gain access to a casino at all, you can now bet your money on your favorite game in your pajamas on the couch. Or from your holiday home, caravan or tent. 

The great thing about online casinos is that the range of games is huge, you can always go, you take care of your favorite drinks and snacks yourself and you don't have the hassle of travel time. Do you want to play roulette? Black Jack? Or are you just a little more into slots? Online casinos have it all, and you also have the choice whether you want to play your game of choice live or play it offline. 

Live gambling is a nice alternative to still experience the physical casino feeling. At a live casino you are led by real croupiers, dealers and game leaders. The croupier is in contact with the players via a video connection, this way you can still play interactively at a casino.

Online gambling while traveling
Online gambling while traveling

The nice thing is that you can get to know players from all over the world here! Just like in a real casino, the croupier will also bring atmosphere 'to the table', by making jokes, explaining the game where necessary and reacting to wins or losses. Almost real! If you don't feel like a croupier's joke at all, then you can of course just play on your own!

Licensed Dutch casinos 

Fortunately, Dutch rules and laws make online gambling abroad accessible. In 2012 the Dutch Gaming Authority founded, also known as KSA. The KSA supervises the Dutch gambling market, and they are also involved in granting licenses to online casinos. Such an online casino will receive a license if they operate fully in accordance with the Remote Gambling Act.

There are currently no less than 24 online casinos with a license, are you wondering whether an online casino is licensed? Then you can easily check that by looking it up in the gambling guide. When a casino is licensed, you can gamble through this site without any problems from your beach chair with the burning sun on your head from the warm holiday resort where you spend your days off.

Double check

Of course it is always important to double check before you start gambling online abroad. There are still many countries where it is illegal to gamble online. The online casino industry is brand new, which means that the laws per country are constantly changing. It is therefore also important to check the latest versions of the gambling legislation of your holiday country. It is of course only possible that the legislation was completely different a year ago than it is now. 

Countries where you mainly have to watch out are countries in Africa (the continent), America and Asia. In some countries, the fines are extremely high when you gamble within their national borders. It also still exists that countries allow tourists to gamble, but not their inhabitants themselves!


Gambling in 2022 has become increasingly easier, in addition to physical gambling, online gambling has also been available for a few years. This is ideal and easy, even when you travel. However, it is important to check the legislation of the country where you are going on a trip in advance, because not every country is as accommodating as our little frog country!

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